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Title: Superconductivity in multiband disordered systems: A vector recursion approach
Authors: Ganguly, Shreemoyee
Dasgupta, Indra
Mookerjee, Abhijit
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Phys Rev
Citation: Shreemoyee Ganguly, Indra Dasgupta, Abhijit Mookerjee, Superconductivity in multiband disordered systems: a vector recursion approach, Phys Rev, 2011, B84, 174508
Abstract: We present a vector recursion based approach to study the effect of disorder on superconductivity in a system modeled by the two-band attractive Hubbard model. We use the augmented space formalism for the disorder averaging. In the presence of only intraband pairing in a two-band disordered system with disorder in either or both bands, our calculations reveal that the gap survives in the quasiparticle spectrum; similar to single band systems. However, for interband pairing the gap in the quasiparticle spectrum ceases to exist beyond a critical value of the disorder strength. In the presence of both interband and intraband pairing interaction, depending on the relative magnitude of the pairing strength, only a particular kind of pairing is possible for a half filled two-band system.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/98
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