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Title: Control of atomic entanglement by the dynamic Stark effect
Authors: Ghosh, Biplab
Majumdar, A S
Nayak, N
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: J. Phys. B
Citation: B. Ghosh, A. S. Majumdar and N. Nayak, Control of atomic entanglement by dynamic Stark effect, J. Phys. B vol.41, 065503 (2008).
Abstract: We study the entanglement properties of two three-level Rydberg atoms passing through a single-mode cavity. The interaction of an atom with the cavity field allows the atom to make a transition from the uppermost (lowermost) to the lowermost (uppermost) level by emission(absorption) of two photons via the middle level. We employ an effective Hamiltonian that describes the system with a Stark-shifted two-photon atomic transition. We compute the entanglement of formation of the joint two-atom state as a function of Rabi angle gt. It is shown that the Stark shift can be used to enhance the magnitude of atomic entanglement over that obtained in the resonant condition for certain parameter values. We find that though the two-atom entanglement generally diminishes with the increase of the two-photon detuning and the Stark shift, it is possible to sustain the entanglement over a range of interaction times by making the detuning and the Stark shift compensate each other. Similar characteristics are also obtained for a thermal state cavity field.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/781
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