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Title: Augmented-space cluster coherent potential approximation for binary random and short-range ordered alloys
Authors: Rahaman, Moshiour
Mookerjee, Abhijit
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Phys Rev.
Citation: M. Rahaman and A. Mookerjee, “Augmented space cluster coherent potential approximation for binary random and short-ranged ordered alloys”, Phys Rev., B 79, (2009), 054201
Abstract: We use the earlier ideas of Razee and Prasad Phys. Rev. B 45, 3265 1992 ; Phys. Rev. B 48, 1349 1993 ,Datta et al. Phys. Rev. B 48, 8567 1993 , and Mookerjee and Prasad Phys. Rev. B 48, 17724 1993 to propose and implement a cluster generalization of the coherent potential approximation within a tight-binding linear muffin-tin orbital minimal basis set for binary alloys which are either random or have short-range order. In particular, we shall apply the technique to the CuZn alloys and compare it with other approaches.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/420
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