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Title: Magnetization reversal dynamics in Co nanowires with competing magnetic anisotropies
Authors: Pal, Semanti
Saha, Susmita
Polley, Debanjan
Barman, Anjan
Keywords: Magnetic nanowires
Micromagnetic simulations
Magnetisation reversal
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Solid State Commun.
Citation: S. Pal, S. Saha, D. Polley and A. Barman, Magnetization reversal dynamics in Co Nanowires with competing magnetic anisotropies, Solid State Commun., 2011, 151, 1994
Abstract: We present the magnetization reversal dynamics of Co nanowires with competing magnetic anisotropies. The aspect ratio (R) of the nanowires is varied between 2.5 and 60, and we observe a cross-over of the directions of the magnetic easy and hard axes at R = 6.8. Micromagnetic simulations qualitatively reproduce the observed cross-over and give detailed insight into the reversal mechanisms associated with the cross-over. The reversal mechanism for a field applied along the long axis of the nanowire exhibits a quasi-coherent rotation mode and a corkscrew-like mode, respectively, above and below the crossover, with the formation of a Bloch domain near the cross-over region. For a field applied along the short axis, the reversal occurs by nucleation and propagation of reversed domains from the two ends of the nanowires for very high values of the aspect ratio down to the cross-over region, but it transforms into quasi-coherent rotation mode for smaller aspect ratios (below the cross-over region).
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/114
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