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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Wannier function study of the relative stability of zinc-blende and wurtzite structures in the CdX (X = S, Se, Te) seriesDatta, Soumendu; Saha-Dasgupta, Tanusri; Sarma, D D
2003Wannier-like functions and tight-binding parametrization for the manganese bands in CaMnO3Saha-Dasgupta, T; Satpathy, S
2017Weak localization and the approach to metal–insulator transition in single crystalline germanium nanowiresSett, Shaili; Das, K; Raychaudhuri, A K
2015Weighted network analysis of earthquake seismic dataChakraborty, Abhijit; Mukherjee, G; Manna, S S
2006Weighted scale-free networks in Euclidean space using local selection ruleMukherjee, G; Manna, S S
2006The weighted scale-free network with self-organizing link weight dynamicsMukherjee, G; Manna, S S
2010Weighted trade network in a model of preferential bipartite transactionsChakraborty, Abhijit; Manna, S S
2003Why shape matters in granular compactionMehta, Anita; Luck, J M
2014Width dependent transition of quantized spin-wave modes in Ni80Fe20 square nanoringsBanerjee, Chandrima; Saha, Susmita; Barman, Saswati; Rousseau, Olivier; Otani, YoshiChika; Barman, Anjan
2008Wigner oscillators, twisted Hopf algebras, and second quantizationCastro, P G; Chakraborty, B; Toppan, F
2015Wigner’s form of the Leggett-Garg inequality, the no-signaling-in-time condition, and unsharp measurementsSaha, Debashis; Mal, Shiladitya; Panigrahi, Prasanta K; Home, Dipankar
2002Wigner’s little group, gauge transformations and dimensional descentBanerjee, Rabin; Chakraborty, Biswajit
2014Witness of mixed separable states useful for entanglement creationGanguly, Nirman; Chatterjee, Jyotishman; Majumdar, A S
2011Work probability distribution and tossing a biased coinSaha, Arnab; Bhattacharjee, Jayanta K
2012XAFS investigation of the role of orientational disorder in the stabilization of the ferromagnetic metallic phase in nanoparticles of La0.5Ca0.5MnO3Lahiri, Debdutta; Khalid, S; Sarkar, Tapati; Raychaudhuri, A K; Sharma, Surinder M
2005X-ray observation of SS 433 with RXTENandi, A; Chakrabarti, Sandip K; Belloni, Tomaso; Goldoni, P
2000X-ray spectral components in the hard state of GRS 1915+105: origin of the 0.5 – 10 Hz QPORao, A R; Naik, S; Vadawale, S V; Chakrabarti, S K
2017Yielding behavior and temperature-induced on-field oscillatory rheological studies in a novel MR suspension containing polymer-capped Fe3Ni alloy microspheresArief, Injamamul; Mukhopadhyay, P K
2015The young cluster NGC 2282: a multiwavelength perspectiveDutta, Somnath; Mondal, S; Jose, J; Das, R K; Samal, M R; Ghosh, S
2015The young cluster NGC 2282: a multiwavelength perspectiveDutta, Somnath; Mondal, S; Jose, J; Das, R K; Samal, M R; Ghosh, S
Showing results 1806 to 1825 of 1831
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