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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Vacancy-induced intrinsic d0 ferromagnetism and photoluminescence in potassium doped ZnO nanowiresGhosh, S; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Das, Bipul; Mandal, K
2015Valence-bond solid as the quantum ground state in honeycomb layered urusovite CuAl(AsO4)OVasiliev, A N; Volkova, O S; Zvereva, E A; Koshelev, A V; Urusov, V S; Chareev, D A; Petkov, V I; Sukhanov, M V; Rahaman, B; Saha-Dasgupta, T
2009Variation of magnetoresistance in Ni2+xMn1−xGa with compositionBanik, S; Singh, Sanjay; Rawat, R; Mukhopadhyay, P K; Ahuja, B L; Awasthi, A M; Barman, S R; Sampathkumaran, E V
2006V ect(S1) Action on Pseudodifferential Symbols on S1 and (Noncommutative) Hydrodynamic Type SystemsGUHA, Partha
2014Vegard's law-like behavior for MnmTcn alloy clusters: a first-principles predictionDatta, S; Saha-Dasgupta, T
2016Vehement Competition of Multiple Superexchange Interactions and Peculiar Magnetically Disordered State in Cu(OH)FDanilovich, Igor; Merkulova, Anna; Polovkova, Anastasia; Zvereva, Elena; Ovchenkov, Yevgeniy; Morozov, Igor; Rahaman, Badiur; Saha-Dasgupta, Tanusri; Balz, Christian; Luetkens, Hubertus; Volkova, Olga; Shakin, Alexander; Vasiliev, Alexander
2009A versatile fiber-optic coupled system for sensitive optical spectroscopy in strong ambient lightSinha, Sudarson Sekhar; Verma, Pramod Kumar; Makhal, Abhinandan; Pal, Samir Kumar
2008Very low frequency resistance fluctuations in thin films of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 with quenched disorderSamanta, Sudeshna; Raychaudhuri, A K; Mitra, Joy
2016Viscosity parameter in dissipative accretion flows with mass outflow around black holesNagarkoti, Shreeram; Chakrabarti, Sandip K
2017Viscosity to entropy density ratio for non-extremal Gauss–Bonnet black holes coupled to Born–Infeld electrodynamicsDas, Saurav; Gangopadhyay, Sunandan; Ghorai, Debabrata
2007Visible Fluorescence Induced by the Metal Semiconductor Transition in Composites of Carbon Nanotubes with Noble Metal NanoparticlesSubramaniam, Chandramouli; Sreeprasad, T S; Pradeep, T; Kumar, G V Pavan; Narayana, Chandrabhas; Yajima, T; Sugawara, Y; Tanaka, Hirofumi; Ogawa, Takuji; Chakrabarti, J
2019Visible Light Driven Photocatalytic Activity of Granular Pr Doped LaFeO3MAITY, RITWIK; SHEIKH, MD. SARIFUL; DUTTA, ALO; SINHA, T P
2012Visible microactuation of a ferromagnetic shape memory alloy by focused laser beamHu, Zhibin; Kanth, B Rajini; Tamang, Rajesh; Varghese, Binni; Sow, Chorng Haur; Mukhopadhyay, P K
2014Vitamin B2 in Nanoscopic Environments under Visible Light: Photosensitized Antioxidant or Phototoxic Drug?Chaudhuri, Siddhi; Batabyal, Subrata; Polley, Nabarun; Pal, Samir Kumar
2012VLF campaign during the total eclipse of July 22nd, 2009:Observational results and interpretationsChakrabarti, S K; Pal, S; Sasmal, S; Mondal, S K; Ray, S; Basak, T; Maji, S K; Khadka, B; Bhowmick, D; Chowdhury, A K
2012VLF signals in summer and winter in the Indian sub-continent using multi-station campaignsChakrabarti, S K; Mondal, S K; Sasmal, S; Pal, S; Basak, T; Chakrabarti, S; Bhowmick, D; Ray, S; Maji, S K; Nandi, A; Yadav, V K; Kotoch, T B; Khadka, B; Giri, K; Garain, S K; Choudhury, A K; Partra, N N; Iqbal, N
2011Voltage bias induced modification of the transport property of all oxide Pr0.5Ca0.5MnO3/SrTi0.95Nb0.05O3 junctionsGhosh, Barnali; Das, K; Raychaudhuri, A K
2001Volume Preserving Multidimensional Integrable Systems and Nambu–Poisson GeometryGUHA, Partha
2010Voros product, Noncommutative Schwarzschild Black Hole and Corrected Area LawBanerjee, Rabin; Gangopadhyay, Sunandan; Modak, Sujoy Kumar
Showing results 2247 to 2266 of 2296
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