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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Observational evidence for mass ejection during soft X-ray dips in GRS 1915+105Vadawale, S V; Rao, A R; Nandi, A; Chakrabarti, S K
2011Observation of a large gate-controlled persistent photoconduction in single crystal ZnO at room temperatureMondal, Shahnewaz; Raychaudhuri, A K
2016Observation of anisotropic energy transfer in magnetically coupled magnetic vortex pairHasegawa, N; Sugimoto, S; Kumar, D; Barman, S; Barman, A; Kondou, K; Otani, Y
2010The observation of formation and annihilation of solitons and standing strain wave superstructures in a two-dimensional colloidal crystalChui, Yu-Hang; Sengupta, Surajit; Snook, Ian K; Binder, Kurt
2005Observation of large low-frequency resistance fluctuations in metallic nanowires: Implications on its stabilityBid, Aveek; Bora, Achyut; Raychaudhuri, A K
2010Observation of Peierls transition in nanowires (diameter ∼ 130 nm) of the charge transfer molecule TTF–TCNQ synthesized by electric-field-directed growthSai, T Phanindra; Raychaudhuri, A K
2014Observation of ZBCP Above Tc at Au/Y1Ba2Cu3O7- δ Heterostructure with a Nano Hole: A Possible Evidence for the Cooper Pairs above TcGhosh, N; Samanta, S; Ghosh, B
2014Off-shell nilpotent (anti-)BRST symmetries for a free particle system on a toric geometry: Superfield formalismKumar, R
2016Oil swollen surfactant gel based synthesis of metal oxides nanoparticles: An attractive alternative for the conventional Sol gel synthesisUpadhyay, Ravi Kant; Pan, Santanu; Barman, Anjan; McLaughlin, James A; Sinha Roy, Susanta
2009On adjoint symmetry equations, integrating factors and solutions of nonlinear ODEsGuha, Partha; Choudhury, A Ghose; Khanra, Barun
2011Onboard Performance of the RT 2 DetectorsRao, A R; Malkar, J P; Hingar, M K; Agrawal, V K; Chakrabarti, Sandip K; Nandi, Anuj; Debnath, D; Kotoch, T B; Sarkar, R; Chidambaram, T R; Vinod, P; Sreekumar, S; Kotov, Y D; Buslov, A S; Yurov, V N; TyshkeVich, V G; Arkhangelsky, A I; Zyatkov, R A
2009On dynamics of velocity vector potential in incompressible fluidsChakraborty, Sagar; Guha, Partha
2013On first integrals of second-order ordinary differential equationsMeleshko, S V; Moyo, S; Muriel, C; Romero, J L; Guha, P; Choudhury, A G
2010On isochronous cases of the Cherkas system and Jacobi’s last multiplierGhose Choudhury, A; Guha, Partha
2011On Lagrangians and Hamiltonians of some fourth-order nonlinear Kudryashov ODEsGuha, Partha; Ghose Choudhury, A
2015On quantized Liénard oscillator and momentum dependent massBagchi, B; Ghose Choudhury, A; Guha, Partha
2011Onset of Hydrogen Bonded Collective Network of Water in 1,4-DioxaneLuong, Trung Q; Verma, Pramod K; Mitra, Rajib K; Havenith, Martina
2012On solutions of third and fourth-order time dependent Riccati equations and the generalized Chazy systemGuha, Partha; Ghose Choudhury, A; Khanra, Barun
2013On the estimation of cooperativity in ion channel kinetics: Activation free energy and kinetic mechanism of Shaker K+ channelBanerjee, Kinshuk; Das, Biswajit; Gangopadhyay, Gautam
Showing results 1029 to 1048 of 1682
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