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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Galilean gauge theory from Poincare gauge theoryBanerjee, Rabin; Mukherjee, Pradip
2014Gammalike Mass Distributions and Mass Fluctuations in Conserved-Mass Transport ProcessesChatterjee, Sayani; Pradhan, Punyabrata; Mohanty, P K
2007Gauge generators, transformations and identities on a noncommutative spaceBanerjee, R; Samanta, S
2012Gauge invariances of higher derivative Maxwell-Chern-Simons field theory – a new Hamiltonian approachMukherjee, Pradip; Paul, Biswajit
2013Gauge symmetry and Virasoro algebra in quantum charged rigid membrane: A first order formalismPaul, Biswajit
2011Gauge symmetry and W-algebra in higher derivative systemsBanerjee, Rabin; Mukherjee, Pradip; Paul, Biswajit
2008Gauge theories on A(dS) space and Killing vectorsBanerjee, Rabin; Majhi, Bibhas Ranjan
2007Gauge theories on de Sitter space and Killing vectorsBanerjee, Rabin
2018Gauge transformations for categorical bundlesChatterjee, Saikat; Lahiri, Amitabha; Sengupta, Ambar N
2015General algorithm for nonrelativistic diffeomorphism invarianceBanerjee, Rabin; Mitra, Arpita; Mukherjee, Pradip
2010Generalised Uncertainty Principle, Remnant Mass and Singularity Problem in Black Hole ThermodynamicsBanerjee, Rabin; Ghosh, Sumit
2018Generalized conformal Hamiltonian dynamics and the pattern formation equationsGuha, Partha; Ghose-Choudhury, A
2006Generalized forms and vector fieldsChatterjee, Saikat; Lahiri, Amitabha; Guha, Partha
2014Generalized supersymmetry and sigma modelsBanerjee, Rabin; Upadhyay, Sudhaker
2016Generalized Virasoro algebra: left-symmetry and related algebraic and hydrodynamic propertiesHounkonnou, Mahouton Norbert; Guha, Partha; Ratiu, Tudor
2015Generalized virial theorem for the Liénard-type systemsCARIÑENA, JOSÉ F; GHOSE CHOUDHURY, ANINDYA; GUHA, PARTHA
2017General relativistic numerical simulation of sub-Keplerian transonic accretion flows on to black holes: Schwarzschild space–timeKim, Jinho; Garain, Sudip K; Balsara, Dinshaw S; Chakrabarti, Sandip K
2019Genuinely nonlocal product bases: Classification and entanglement-assisted discriminationRout, Sumit; Maity, Ananda G; Mukherjee, Amit; Halder, Saronath; Banik, Manik
2006Geodesic Flow and Two (Super) Component Analog of the Camassa–Holm EquationGUHA, Partha; OLVER, Peter J
Showing results 767 to 786 of 2201
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