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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Colloidal Transfer Printing–Mediated Fabrication of Zinc Oxide Nanorods for Self-Cleaning ApplicationsBanik, Meneka; Chakrabarty, Poulomi; Das, Anuja; Ray, Samit K; Mukherjee, Rabibrata
2017Enhanced UV–visible photodetection characteristics of a flexible Si membrane- ZnO heterojunction utilizing piezo-phototronic effectSarkar, Arijit; Katiyar, Ajit K; Mukherjee, Subhrajit; Ray, Samit K
2015Enhancement of Efficiency of a Solar Cell Fabricated on Black Si Made by Inductively Coupled Plasma−Reactive Ion Etching Process: A Case Study of a n‑CdS/p-Si Heterojunction CellKatiyar, Ajit K; Mukherjee, S; Zeeshan, M; Ray, Samit K; Raychaudhuri, A K
2017Facile One-Pot Synthesis of Highly Stable Graphene−Ag0 Hybrid Nanostructures with Enhanced Optical PropertiesMaiti, Rishi; Sinha, Tridib K; Bhattacharya, Sayantan; Datta, Prasanta K; Ray, Samit K
2017Gold nanoparticle-embedded silk protein- ZnO nanorod hybrids for flexible bio-photonic devicesGogurla, Narendar; Kundu, Subhas C; Ray, Samit K
2019Highly emissive fluorene and thiophene based π-conjugated A-alt-B copolymers: Synthesis, characterization and electroluminescence propertiesIslam, Sk Najmul; Gogurla, Narendar; Giri, Dipanjan; Ray, Samit K; Patra, Sanjib K
2018Highly Responsive, Polarization Sensitive, Self-biased Single GeO2-Ge Nanowire Device for Broadband and Low Power PhotodetectorsMukherjee, Subhrajit; Das, Kaustuv; Das, Soumen; Ray, Samit K
2011Improved infrared photoluminescence characteristics from circularly ordered self-assembled Ge islandsDas, Samaresh; Das, Kaustuv; Singha, Raj Kumar; Manna, Santanu; Dhar, Achintya; Ray, Samit K; Raychaudhuri, Arup K
2019Light Trapping-Mediated Room-Temperature Gas Sensing by Ordered ZnO Nano Structures Decorated with Plasmonic Au NanoparticlesChakrabarty, Poulomi; Banik, Meneka; Gogurla, Narendar; Santra, Sumita; Ray, Samit K; Mukherjee, Rabibrata
2017One-dimensional Si/Ge nanowires and their heterostructures for multifunctional applications—a reviewRay, Samit K; Katiyar, Ajit K; Raychaudhuri, Arup K
2017One-dimensional Si/Ge nanowires and their heterostructures for multifunctional applications—a reviewRay, Samit K; Katiyar, Ajit K; Raychaudhuri, Arup K
2017Origin of Modified Luminescence Response in Reduced Graphitic Carbon Nitride NanosheetsBayan, Sayan; Midya, Anupam; Gogurla, Narendar; Singha, Achintya; Ray, Samit K
2019Photoresponse characteristics of MoS2 QDs/ Si nanocone heterojunctions utilizing geometry controlled light trapping mechanism in black SiSarkar, Arijit; Mukherjee, Subhrajit; Das, Amal Kumar; Ray, Samit K
2018Piezo-phototronic mediated enhanced photodetection characteristics of plasmonic Au-g-C3N4/CdS/ZnO based hybrid heterojunctions on a flexible platformPal, Sourabh; Bayan, Sayan; Ray, Samit K
2017Plasmon mediated enhancement and tuning of optical emission properties of two dimensional graphitic carbon nitride nanosheetsBayan, Sayan; Gogurla, Narendar; Midya, Anupam; Singha, Achintya; Ray, Samit K
2019Rapid growth of fully-inorganic flexible CaxCoO2 thin films from a ligand free aqueous precursor ink for thermoelectric applicationsSinha, Tridib Kumar; Lee, Jinho; Kim, Jin Kuk; Ray, Samit K; Paul, Biplab
2018Si membrane–ZnO heterojunction-based broad band visible light emitting diode for flexible optoelectronic devicesSarkar, Arijit; Katiyar, Ajit K; Das, Amal K; Ray, Samit K
2019Solution Processed Highly Responsive UV Photodetectors from Carbon Nanodot/Silicon HeterojunctionsMaiti, Rishi; Mukherjee, Subhrajit; Dey, Tamal; Ray, Samit K
2018Superior Charge Storage Performance of WS2 Quantum dots in a Flexible Solid State SupercapacitorGhorai, Arup; Midya, Anupam; Ray, Samit K
2017Superior heterojunction properties of solution processed copper-zinc-tin-sulphide quantum dots on SiSingh, Sudarshan; Katiyar, Ajit K; Midya, Anupam; Ghorai, Arup; Ray, Samit K
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