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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20114D Scanning Ultrafast Electron Microscopy: Visualization of Materials Surface DynamicsMohammed, Omar F; Yang, Ding-Shyue; Pal, Samir K; Zewail, Ahmed H
2012Ag7Au6 : A 13-Atom Alloy Quantum ClusterUdayabhaskararao, Thumu; Sun, Yan; Goswami, Nirmal; Pal, Samir K; Balasubramanian, K; Pradeep, Thalappil
2012Construction of a low-cost laser-based multiplexed spectrometer: a potential probe for environmental pollution monitoringSingh, Soumendra; Saha, Biswanath; Sinha, Sudarson S; Pal, Samir K
2011Highly efficient ZnO/Au Schottky barrier dye-sensitized solar cells: Role of gold nanoparticles on the charge-transfer processBora, Tanujjal; Kyaw, Htet H; Sarkar, Soumik; Pal, Samir K; Dutta, Joydeep
2012Interaction of an Antituberculosis Drug with Nano-sized Cationic Micelle: Fo¨ rster Resonance Energy Transfer from Dansyl to Rifampicin in the MicroenvironmentMondol, Tanumoy; Batabyal, Subrata; Pal, Samir K
2013Modulation of defect-mediated energy transfer from ZnO nanoparticles for the photocatalytic degradation of bilirubinBora, Tanujjal; Lakshman, Karthik K; Sarkar, Soumik; Makhal, Abhinandan; Sardar, Samim; Pal, Samir K; Dutta, Joydeep
2010A Molecular Magnet Confined in the Nanocage of a Globular ProteinMitra, Rajib K; Verma, Pramod K; Wulferding, Dirk; Menzel, Dirk; Mitra, Tamoghna; Todea, Ana M; Lemmens, Peter; M ller, Achim; Pal, Samir K
2012Nanoparticle-Sensitized Photodegradation of Bilirubin and Potential Therapeutic ApplicationSarkar, Soumik; Makhal, Abhinandan; Baruah, Sunandan; Mahmood, Mohammad A; Dutta, Joydeep; Pal, Samir K
2012Nanostructured Zinc Oxide for Water TreatmentBaruah, Sunandan; Pal, Samir K; Dutta, Joydeep
2011Photoselective excited state dynamics in ZnO–Au nanocomposites and their implications in photocatalysis and dye-sensitized solar cellsSarkar, Soumik; Makhal, Abhinandan; Bora, Tanujjal; Baruah, Sunandan; Dutta, Joydeep; Pal, Samir K
2012Probing the Interior of Self-Assembled Caffeine Dimer at Various TemperaturesBanerjee, Soma; Verma, Pramod K; Mitra, Rajib K; Basu, Gautam; Pal, Samir K
2011Protein-assisted synthesis route of metal nanoparticles: exploration of key chemistry of the biomoleculeGoswami, Nirmal; Saha, Ranajay; Pal, Samir K
2012Recognition of different DNA sequences by a DNA-binding protein alters protein dynamics differentiallyMondol, Tanumoy; Batabyal, Subrata; Mazumder, Abhishek; Roy, Siddhartha; Pal, Samir K
2011Role of hydration on the functionality of a proteolytic enzyme α-chymotrypsin under crowded environmentVerma, Pramod K; Rakshit, Surajit; Mitra, Rajib K; Pal, Samir K
2011Simultaneous binding of anti-tuberculosis and anti-thrombosis drugs to a human transporter protein: A FRET studyRajdev, Priya; Mondol, Tanumoy; Makhal, Abhinandan; Pal, Samir K
2012Slow Solvent Relaxation Dynamics of Nanometer Sized Reverse Micellar Systems Through Tryptophan Metabolite, KynurenineRakshit, Surajit; Goswami, Nirmal; Pal, Samir K
2011Structural and dynamical characterization of unilamellar AOT vesicles in aqueous solutions and their efficacy as potential drug delivery vehicleSaha, Ranajay; Verma, Pramod K; Mitra, Rajib K; Pal, Samir K
2012Ultrafast dynamics of excitons in semiconductor quantum dots on a plasmonically active nano-structured silver filmBatabyal, Subrata; Makhal, Abhinandan; Das, K; Raychaudhuri, A K; Pal, Samir K
2011Ultrafast Spectroscopic Study on Caffeine Mediated Dissociation of Mutagenic Ethidium from Synthetic DNA and Various Cell NucleiBanerjee, Soma; Bhowmik, Debajit; Verma, Pramod K; Mitra, Rajib K; Sidhhanta, Anirban; Basu, Gautam; Pal, Samir K
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19


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