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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Census of the Young Stellar Population in the Galactic HII Region Sh2-242Panja, Alik; Mondal, Soumen; Dutta, Somnath; Joshi, Santosh; Lata, Sneh; Das, Ramkrishna
2005A modified gravitational potential to study particles and fluids around a rotating black hole in the equatorial planeChakrabarti, Sandip K; Mondal, Soumen
2020Morphology and ionization characteristics of planetary nebulae PB 1 and PC 19Bandyopadhyay, Rahul; Das, Ramkrishna; Mondal, Soumen; Ghosh, Samrat
2015Near-infrared studies of V5558 Sgr: an unusually slow nova with multiple outburstsDas, Ramkrishna; Banerjee, Dipankar P K; Nandi, Arpita; Ashok, N M; Mondal, Soumen
2019Optical photometric variable stars towards Cygnus OB7Dutta, Somnath; Mondal, Soumen; Joshi, Santosh; Das, Ramkrishna
2018Optical photometric variable stars towards the Galactic HII region NGC2282Dutta, Somnath; Mondal, Soumen; Joshi, Santosh; Jose, Jessy; Das, Ramkrishna; Ghosh, Supriyo
2018Optical spectroscopy of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi – from the outburst of 2006 to quiescenceMondal, Anindita; Anupama, G C; Kamath, U S; Das, Ramkrishna; Selvakumar, G; Mondal, Soumen
2018Phase-dependent Photometric and Spectroscopic Characterization of the MASTER-Net Optical Transient J212444.87+321738.3: An Oxygen-rich MiraGhosh, Supriyo; Mondal, Soumen; Das, Ramkrishna; Banerjee, D P K; Ashok, N M; Hambsch, Franz-Josef; Dutta, Somnath
2020Photoionization modelling of quiescence-phase spectra of novae and a symbiotic starMondal, Anindita; Das, Ramkrishna; Anupama, G C; Mondal, Soumen
2011Photometric search for variable stars in the young open cluster Berkeley 59Lata, Sneh; Pandey, A K; Maheswar, G; Mondal, Soumen; Kumar, Brijesh
2018The Planck Cold Clump G108.37-01.06: A Site of Complex Interplay between HII Regions, Young Clusters, and FilamentsDutta, Somnath; Mondal, Soumen; Samal, Manash R; Jose, Jessy
2005SS 433: results of a recent multiwavelength campaignChakrabarti, Sandip K; Anandarao, B G; Pal, S; Mondal, Soumen; Nandi, A; Bhattacharyya, A; Mandal, Samir; Sagar, Ram; Pandey, J C; Pati, A; Saha, S K
2006Studies of accretion flows around rotating black holes – II. Standing shocks in the pseudo-Kerr geometryMondal, Soumen; Chakrabarti, Sandip K
2006Studies of accretion flows around rotating black holes – I. Particle dynamics in a pseudo-Kerr potentialChakrabarti, Sandip K; Mondal, Soumen
2009Studies of dissipative standing shock waves around black holesDas, Santabrata; Chakrabarti, Sandip K; Mondal, Soumen
2018Understanding of variability properties in very low mass stars and brown dwarfsMondal, Soumen; Ghosh, Samrat; Khata, Dhrimadri; Joshi, Santosh; Das, Ramkrishna
2020Understanding the physical properties of young M dwarfs: NIR spectroscopic studiesKhata, Dhrimadri; Mondal, Soumen; Das, Ramkrishna; Ghosh, Supriyo; Ghosh, Samrat
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17


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