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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Avalanches at rough surfacesBarker, G C; Mehta, Anita
2000Avalanches at rough surfacesBarker, G C; Mehta, Anita
2011Competing synapses with two timescales: a basis for learning and forgettingMahajan, Gaurang; Mehta, Anita
2010Competing with oneself: Introducing self-interaction in a model of competitive learningMahajan, Gaurang; Mehta, Anita
2005Competition and cooperation: aspects of dynamics in sandpilesMehta, Anita; Luck, J M; Berg, J M; Barker, G C
2010Competitive cluster growth on networks: complex dynamics and survival strategiesThyagu, N Nirmal; Mehta, Anita
2004Dynamics at the angle of repose: jamming, bistability, and collapseLuck, J M; Mehta, Anita
2012The dynamics of competitive learning: the role of updates and memoryBhat, Ajaz A; Mehta, Anita
2002Glassy dynamics in granular compaction: Sand on random graphsBerg, Johannes; Mehta, Anita
2009Heterogeneities in granular materialsMehta, Anita; Barker, Gary C; Luck, Jean-Marc
2005Interacting black holes on the brane: the seeding of binariesMajumdar, A S; Mehta, Anita; Luck, J M
2012Landscape Encodings Enhance OptimizationKlemm, Konstantin; Mehta, Anita; Stadler, Peter F
2013Learning Theories Reveal Loss of Pancreatic Electrical Connectivity in Diabetes as an Adaptive ResponseGoel, Pranay; Mehta, Anita
2011Learning with a Network of Competing SynapsesBhat, Ajaz Ahmad; Mahajan, Gaurang; Mehta, Anita
1999Models of competitive learning: Complex dynamics, intermittent conversions, and oscillatory coarseningMehta, Anita; Luck, J M
1999A new class of coupled continuum equations for atomic growth on surfacesSanyal, Biplab; Mehta, Anita; Mookerjee, Abhijit
2011Searching and fixating: scale-invariance vs. characteristic timescales in attentional processesShinde, D P; Mehta, Anita; Mishra, R K
2014Shaking-induced crystallization of dense sphere packingsShinde, D P; Mehta, Anita; Barker, G C
2012Spectral properties of zero temperature dynamics in a model of a compacting granular columnSchulman, L S; Luck, J M; Mehta, Anita
2013Synaptic Metaplasticity Underlies Tetanic Potentiation in Lymnaea: A Novel ParadigmMehta, Anita; Luck, Jean-Marc; Luk, Collin C; Syed, Naweed I
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