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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Acoustic vibration induced high electromagnetic responses of Fe3O4 nano-hollow spheres in the THz regimeRakshit, Rupali; Sarkar, Debasish; Pal, Monalisa; Serite, Kazunori; Tonouchi, Masayoshi; Mandal, Kalyan
2016Aliovalent Ba2+ doping: A way to reduce oxygen vacancy in multiferroic BiFeO3Das, Rajasree; Sharma, Sucheta; Mandal, Kalyan
2015Charge transfer mediated magnetic response of cobalt ferrite nano particlesRakshit, Rupali; Pal, Monalisa; Mandal, Madhuri; Mandal, Kalyan
2014A Comparative Study of Magnetocaloric Properties Between Ni-rich and Mn-rich Ni–Mn–Sn AlloysGhosh, Arup; Mandal, Kalyan
2015Comparative study of the Magnetoelectric Properties in Core-Shell Nanocomposites as well as mixture of CoFe2O4: BaTiO3Chaudhuri, Arka; Mandal, Kalyan
2017Design and development of bioactive α-hydroxy carboxylate group modified MnFe2O4 nanoparticle: Comparative fluorescence study, magnetism and DNA nuclease activityChakraborty, Indranil; Saha, Urmila; Rakshit, Rupali; Talukdar, Souvanik; Kumar, Gopinatha Suresh; Mandal, Kalyan
2013Design and Synthesis of High Performance Multifunctional Ultrathin Hematite NanoribbonsSarkar, Debasish; Mandal, Madhuri; Mandal, Kalyan
2014Designing one dimensional Co-Ni/Co3O4-NiO core/shell nano-heterostructure electrodes for high-performance pseudocapacitorSingh, Ashutosh K; Sarkar, Debasish; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Mandal, Kalyan
2014DNA Engineered Tri-Functional Ni–Au Nano-Chain: Understanding of Its Formation and Novel Magnetic PropertiesDas, Bipul; Sarkar, Debasish; Mandal, Madhuri; Das, Pradip; Mandal, Kalyan
2012Domain controlled magnetic and electric properties of variable sized magnetite nano-hollow spheresSarkar, Debasish; Mandal, Madhuri; Mandal, Kalyan
2011Dynamic coercivityofMo-dopedFINEMETsChakraborty, Srimoy; Mandal, Kalyan; Sakar, Debashis; Cremaschi, Victoria J; Silveyra, Josefina M
2019Dynamic magnetic properties of monodisperse CoFe2O4 nanoparticles synthesized by a facile solvothermal techniqueChaudhuri, Arka; Mandal, Kalyan
2020Earth abundant transition metal ferrite nanoparticles anchored ZnO nanorods as efficient and stable photoanodes for solar water splittingMaity, Dipanjan; Karmakar, Keshab; Mandal, Dipika; Pal, Debashish; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Mandal, Kalyan
2014Effect of Aspect Ratio and Temperature on Magnetic Properties of Permalloy NanowiresSingh, Ashutosh K; Mandal, Kalyan
2020Effect of Ba and Y co-doping on the structural and magneto-electric properties of BiFeO3 ceramicHait, Swarnali; Ghose, Srabantika; Mandal, Kalyan
2011Effect of Barium Substitution on Ferroelectric and Magnetic Properties of Bismuth FerriteDas, Rajasree; Mandal, Kalyan
2019Effect of bovine serum albumin on tartrate-modified manganese ferrite nano hollow spheres: spectroscopic and toxicity studyChakraborty, Indranil; Saha, Urmila; Mandal, Dipika; Mukherjee, Suprabhat; Joardar, Nikhilesh; Sinha Babu, Santi P; Kumar, Gopinatha Suresh; Mandal, Kalyan
2015Effect of Fe substitution on the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of Mn-rich Mn-Ni-Fe-Sn off-stoichiometric Heusler alloysGhosh, Arup; Mandal, Kalyan
2017Effect of hydrostatic pressure on the magnetic, exchange bias and magnetocaloric properties of Ni45.5Co2Mn37.5Sn15Arumugam, S; Ghosh, Subrata; Ghosh, Arup; Devarajan, U; Kannan, M; Govindaraj, L; Mandal, Kalyan
2012Effect of metal doping on highly efficient photovoltaics and switchable photovoltage in bismuth ferrite nanotubesKhan, Gobinda Gopal; Das, Rajasree; Mukherjee, Nillohit; Mandal, Kalyan
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