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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Boundary-induced spin-density waves in linear Heisenberg anti ferromagnetic spin chains with S≥ 1Dey, Dayasindhu; Kumar, Manoranjan; Soos, Zolt´an G
2019Characterization of Majorana-Ising phase transition in a helical liquid systemSaha, Sudip Kumar; Dey, Dayasindhu; Singh Roy, Monalisa; Sarkar, Sujit; Kumar, Manoranjan
2014Cooperativity in spin-crossover transition in metalorganic complexes: Interplay of magnetic and elastic interactionsBanerjee, Hrishit; Kumar, Manoranjan; Saha-Dasgupta, Tanusri
2013Decoupled phase of frustrated spin-1/2 antiferromagnetic chains with and without long-range order in the ground stateKumar, Manoranjan; Soos, Z G
2016Degeneracies and exotic phases in an isotropic frustrated spin-1/2 chainParvej, Aslam; Kumar, Manoranjan
2016An e cient density matrix renormalization group algorithm for chains with periodic boundary conditionDey, Dayasindhu; Maiti, Debasmita; Kumar, Manoranjan
2016Efficient Density Matrix Renormalization Group algorithm to study Y Junctions with integer and half-integer spinKumar, Manoranjan; Parvej, Aslam; Thomas, Simil; Ramasesha, S; Soos, Z G
2019Enhanced dynamics of active Brownian particles in periodic obstacle arrays and corrugated channelsPattanayak, Sudipta; Das, Rakesh; Kumar, Manoranjan; Mishra, Shradha
2018Frustrated spin-1/2 ladder with ferro- and antiferromagnetic legsMaiti, Debasmita; Dey, Dayasindhu; Kumar, Manoranjan
2019Hybrid exact diagonalization and density matrix renormalization group approach to the thermodynamics of one-dimensional quantum modelsSaha, Sudip Kumar; Dey, Dayasindhu; Kumar, Manoranjan; Soos, Zoltán G
2015Level crossing, spin structure factor and quantum phases of the frustrated spin-1/2 chain with first and second neighbor exchangeKumar, Manoranjan; Parvej, Aslam; Soos, Zoltán G
2019Melting of ferromagnetic order on a trellis ladderMaiti, Debasmita; Kumar, Manoranjan
2017Multipolar phase in frustrated spin-1/2 and spin-1 chainsParvej, Aslam; Kumar, Manoranjan
2016Numerical study of incommensurate and decoupled phases of spin-1/2 chains with isotropic exchange J1, J2 between first and second neighborsSoos, Zoltán G; Parvej, Aslam; Kumar, Manoranjan
2014Optical detection of submicromolar levels of nitro explosives by a submicron sized metal–organic phosphor materialSingha, Debal Kanti; Bhattacharya, Saurav; Majee, Prakash; Mondal, Sudip Kumar; Kumar, Manoranjan; Mahata, Partha
2017Order-disorder transition in active nematic: A lattice model studyDas, Rakesh; Kumar, Manoranjan; Mishra, Shradha
2018Polar flock in the presence of random quenched rotatorsDas, Rakesh; Kumar, Manoranjan; Mishra, Shradha
2019Quantum phase diagram of a frustrated spin-1/2 system on a Trellis LadderMaiti, Debasmita; Kumar, Manoranjan
2013Quantum Phase Diagram of One-Dimensional Spin and Hubbard Models with Transitions to Bond Order Wave PhasesKumar, Manoranjan; Ramasesha, S; Soos, Zoltán G
2017Quantum Phases of Frustrated 2-Leg spin-1/2 Ladders with Skewed RungsGiri, Geetanjali; Dey, Dayasindhu; Kumar, Manoranjan; Ramasesha, S; Soos, Zoltán G
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