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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004AKS hierarchy and bi-Hamiltonian geometry of Gelfand–Zakharevich typeGuha, Partha
2012Application of Jacobi’s last multiplier for construction of Hamiltonians of certain biological systemsGhose Choudhury, A; Guha, Partha
2013Application of the Jacobi last multiplier for construction of Lagrangians and Hamiltonians of dynamical systems in population biologyGuha, Partha; Ghose Choudhury, A
2019Branched Hamiltonians and time translation symmetry breaking in equations of the Liénard typeGhose Choudhury, A; Guha, Partha
2017Chiellini integrability and quadratically damped oscillatorsPandey, Ankan; Ghose-Choudhury, A; Guha, Partha
2009Determination of elementary first integrals of a generalized Raychaudhuri equation by the Darboux integrability methodChoudhury, A. Ghose; Guha, Partha; Khanra, Barun
2000Diffeomorphism, periodic KdV and C. Neumann systemGuha, Partha
2006Euler–Poincaré flows and leibniz structure of nonlinear reaction–diffusion type systemsGuha, Partha
2011First integrals for time-dependent higher-order Riccati equations by nonholonomic transformationGuha, Partha; Ghose Choudhury, A; Khanra, Barun
2015Folding transformations of equations from the Gambier familyGuha, Partha; Ghose Choudhury, A
2015Fradkin-Bacry-Ruegg-Souriau vector in kappa-deformed space-timeGuha, Partha; Harikumar, E; Zuhair, N S
2018Generalized conformal Hamiltonian dynamics and the pattern formation equationsGuha, Partha; Ghose-Choudhury, A
2006Generalized forms and vector fieldsChatterjee, Saikat; Lahiri, Amitabha; Guha, Partha
2016Generalized Virasoro algebra: left-symmetry and related algebraic and hydrodynamic propertiesHounkonnou, Mahouton Norbert; Guha, Partha; Ratiu, Tudor
2004Geodesic flow on super- Bott–Virasoro group and Harry Dym familyGuha, Partha
2005Geodesic flows, bi-Hamiltonian structure and coupled KdV type systemsGuha, Partha
2008Hamiltonian and quasi-Hamiltonian systems, Nambu–Poisson structures and symmetriesCarinena, Jose F; Guha, Partha; Ranada, Manuel F
2011Hamiltonization of Higher-Order Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations and the Jacobi Last MultiplierGuha, Partha; Choudhury, Ghose A
2019Hierarchies and Hamiltonian structures of the Nonlinear Schrödinger family using geometric and spectral techniquesGuha, Partha; Mukherjee, Indranil
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