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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bipartite qutrit local realist inequalities and the robustness of their quantum mechanical violationDas, Debarshi; Datta, Shounak; Goswami, Suchetana; Majumdar, A S; Home, Dipankar
2018Characterization of the quantumness of unsteerable tripartite correlationsDas, Debarshi; Jebaratnam, C; Bhattacharya, Bihalan; Mukherjee, Amit; Bhattacharya, Some Sankar; Roy, Arup
2018Cost of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering in the context of extremal boxesDas, Debarshi; Datta, Shounak; Jebaratnam, C; Majumdar, A S
2020Detection of genuine tripartite entanglement by multiple sequential observersMaity, Ananda G; Das, Debarshi; Ghosal, Arkaprabha; Roy, Arup; Majumdar, A S
2019Environmental Effects on Nonlocal CorrelationsGuha, Tamal; Bhattacharya, Bihalan; Das, Debarshi; Bhattacharya, Some Sankar; Mukherjee, Amit; Roy, Arup; Mukherjee, Kaushiki; Ganguly, Nirman; Majumdar, A S
2020Information-disturbance trade-off in generalized entanglement swappingBej, Pratapaditya; Ghosal, Arkaprabha; Das, Debarshi; Roy, Arup; Bandyopadhyay, Somshubhro
2018One-sided device-independent self-testing of any pure two-qubit entangled stateGoswami, Suchetana; Bhattacharya, Bihalan; Das, Debarshi; Sasmal, Souradeep; Jebaratnam, C; Majumdar, A S
2018Operational characterization of quantumness of unsteerable bipartite statesDas, Debarshi; Bhattacharya, Bihalan; Datta, Chandan; Roy, Arup; Jebaratnam, C; Majumdar, A S; Srikanth, R
2018Operational nonclassicality of local multipartite correlations in the limiteddimensional simulation scenarioJebaratnam, C; Das, Debarshi; Goswami, Suchetana; Srikanth, R; Majumdar, A S
2016Quantum mechanical violation of macrorealism for large spin and its robustness against coarse-grained measurementsMal, Shiladitya; Das, Debarshi; Home, Dipankar
2019Role of maximally entangled states in the context of linear steering inequalitiesDas, Debarshi; Sasmal, Souradeep; Roy, Arup
2018Steering a single system sequentially by multiple observersSasmal, Souradeep; Das, Debarshi; Mal, Shiladitya; Majumdar, A S
2019Superunsteerability as a quantifiable resource for random access codes assisted by Bell-diagonal statesJebarathinam, C; Das, Debarshi; Kanjilal, Som; Srikanth, R; Sarkar, Debasis; Chattopadhyay, Indrani; Majumdar, A S
2018Tripartite-entanglement detection through tripartite quantum steering in one-sided and two-sided device-independent scenariosJebaratnam, C; Das, Debarshi; Roy, Arup; Mukherjee, Amit; Bhattacharya, Some Sankar; Bhattacharya, Bihalan; Riccardi, Alberto; Sarkar, Debasis
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14


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