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2019Broad tunability of emission wavelength by strain coupled InAs/GaAs1-xSbx quantum dot heterostructuresSaha, Jhuma; Das, Debabrata; Panda, Debiprasad; Tongbram, Binita; Chatterjee, Arka; Liang, Baolai; Das Gupta, Kantimay; Pal, Samir Kumar; Chakrabarti, Subhananda
2017Development and validation of a noncontact spectroscopic device for hemoglobin estimation at point-of-careSarkar, Probir Kumar; Pal, Sanchari; Polley, Nabarun; Aich, Rajarshi; Adhikari, Aniruddha; Halder, Animesh; Chakrabarti, Subhananda; Chakrabarti, Prantar; Pal, Samir Kumar
2017Digital Camera-Based Spectrometry for the Development of Point-of-Care Anemia Detection on Ultra-Low Volume Whole Blood SampleHalder, Animesh; Sarkar, Probir Kumar; Pal, Poulomi; Chakrabarti, Subhananda; Chakrabarti, Prantar; Bhattacharyya, Debasis; Chakraborty, Rajib; Pal, Samir Kumar
2016DNA Biomaterial Based Fiber Optic Sensor: Characterization and Application for Monitoring in situ Mercury PollutionPolley, Nabarun; Sarkar, Probir Kumar; Chakrabarti, Subhananda; Lemmens, Peter; Pal, Samir Kumar
2020Effects of rapid thermal annealing in InGaN/GaN quantum disk-in-GaN nanowire arraysBiswas, Mahitosh; Kumar, Ravinder; Chatterjee, Arka; Wu, Yuanpeng; Mi, Zetain; Bhattacharya, Pallab; Pal, Samir Kumar; Chakrabarti, Subhananda
2019Enhanced Performance of In(Ga)As QD Based Optoelectronic Devices through Improved Interface Quality between QD and Matrix MaterialPanda, Debiprasad; Chatterjee, Arka; Saha, Jhuma; Das, Debabrata; Singh, Sandeep Madhusudan; Pal, Samir Kumar; Chakrabarti, Subhananda
2019High performance short wave infrared photodetector using p-i-p quantum dots (InAs/GaAs) validated with theoretically simulated modelDeviprasad, Vidya P; Ghadi, Hemant; Das, Debabrata; Panda, Debiprasad; Rawool, Harshal; Chavan, Vinayak; Tongbram, Binita; Patwari, Jayita; Pal, Samir Kumar; Chakrabarti, Subhananda
2016Nanosurface Energy Transfer Based Highly Selective and Ultrasensitive “Turn on” Fluorescence Mercury SensorSarkar, Probir Kumar; Polley, Nabarun; Chakrabarti, Subhananda; Lemmens, Peter; Pal, Samir Kumar
2017Photo-induced electronic properties in single quantum well system: effect of excitonic lifetimePatwari, Jayita; Ghadi, Hemant; Sardar, Samim; Singhal, Jashan; Tongbram, Binita; Shyamal, Sanjib; Bhattacharya, Chinmoy; Chakrabarti, Subhananda; Pal, Samir Kumar
2020Realization of high-quality InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot growth on Ge substrate and improvement of optical property through ex-situ ion implantationKumar, Ravinder; Panda, Debiprasad; Das, Debabrata; Chatterjee, Arka; Tongbram, Binita; Saha, Jhuma; Upadhyay, Sourabh; Kumar, Raman; Pal, Samir Kumar; Chakrabarti, Subhananda
2019Strain relaxation in InAs quantum dots through capping layer variation and its impact on the ultrafast carrier dynamicsChatterjee, Arka; Panda, Debiprasad; Patwari, Jayita; Tongbram, Binita; Chakrabarti, Subhananda; Pal, Samir Kumar
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11


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