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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analytical form of forces in hydrophobic collapseChakrabarti, J; Dutta, Suman
2016Anomalous dynamical responses in a driven systemDutta, Suman; Chakrabarti, J
2013Conformational Contribution to Thermodynamics of Binding in Protein-Peptide Complexes through Microscopic SimulationDas, Amit; Chakrabarti, J; Ghosh, Mahua
2016Conformational thermodynamics guided structural reconstruction of biomolecular fragmentsSikdar, Samapan; Chakrabarti, J; Ghosh, Mahua
2015Conformational thermodynamics of biomolecular complexes: The histogram-based methodDas, Amit; Sikdar, Samapan; Ghosh, Mahua; Chakrabarti, J
2013Conformational thermodynamics of metal-ion binding to a proteinDas, Amit; Chakrabarti, J; Ghosh, Mahua
2013Cross-over between central and non-central conservative effective forces in a modulated colloidal fluidChaudhuri, Chhanda Basu; Chakrabarty, Srabani; Chakrabarti, J
2012Dimensional crossover in fluids under nanometer-scale confinementDas, Amit; Chakrabarti, J
2011Dipolar Solute Rotation in a Supercritical Polar FluidDas, Amit; Biswas, Ranjit; Chakrabarti, J
2013Dipolar solute rotation in ionic liquids, electrolyte solutions and common polar solvents: Emergence of universalityDas, Amit; Biswas, Ranjit; Chakrabarti, J
2008Dressing of driven colloidal particles in a subcritical liquid suspensionChakrabarti, J; Löwen, H
2003Dynamical instability in driven colloidsChakrabarti, J; Dzubiella, J; L¨owen, H
2019Dynamic signature of ligand binding over a protein surfaceDutta, Sutapa; Ghosh, Mahua; Karmakar, Rahul; Chakrabarti, J
2020Dynamics of water trapped in transition metal oxide-graphene nano-confinementTendong, E; Saha Dasgupta, T; Chakrabarti, J
2005Flow-Induced Transverse Electrical Potential across an Assembly of Gold NanoparticlesSubramaniam, Chandramouli; Pradeep, T; Chakrabarti, J
2011Gold nanoparticle superlattices as functional solids for concomitant conductivity and SERS tuningShibu, Edakkattuparambil S; Cyriac, Jobin; Pradeep, Thalappil; Chakrabarti, J
2019Heterogeneity of dynamics in a modulated colloidal liquidPal, Suravi; Chakrabarti, J
2011High-Affinity Quasi-Specific Sites in the Genome: How the DNA-Binding Proteins Cope with ThemChakrabarti, J; Chandra, Navin; Raha, Paromita; Roy, Siddhartha
2003Instabilities in a spatially correlated autocatalytic chemical systemChakrabarti, J
2020Length-scales of dynamic heterogeneity in a driven binary colloidDutta, Suman; Chakrabarti, J
Showing results 1 to 20 of 38
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