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2007Band-gap variation in Mg- and Cd-doped ZnO nanostructures and molecular clustersYadav, Manoj K; Ghosh, Manoranjan; Biswas, Ranjit; Raychaudhuri, Arup K; Mookerjee, Abhijit; Datta, Soumendu
2019Cloud Point Driven Dynamics in Aqueous Solutions of Thermoresponsive Copolymers: Are They Akin to Criticality Driven Solution Dynamics?Kumbhakar, Kajal; Saha, Biswajit; De, Priyadarsi; Biswas, Ranjit
2016Collective dynamic dipole moment and orientation fluctuations, cooperative hydrogen bond relaxations, and their connections to dielectric relaxation in ionic acetamide deep eutectics: Microscopic insight from simulationsDas, Suman; Biswas, Ranjit; Mukherjee, Biswaroop
2015Composition Dependence of Dynamic Heterogeneity Time- and Length Scales in [Omim][BF4]/Water Binary Mixtures: Molecular Dynamics Simulation StudyPal, Tamisra; Biswas, Ranjit
2014Composition Dependent Stokes Shift Dynamics in Binary Mixtures of 1‑Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate with Water and Acetonitrile: Quantitative Comparison between Theory and Complete MeasurementsDaschakraborty, Snehasis; Biswas, Ranjit
2020Cosolvent polarity dependence of solution structure in [BMIM] [PF6] + acetonitrile/1, 4-dioxane/hexane binary mixtures: Insights from composition dependent Voronoi polyhedra analyses, iso-surfaces and radial distribution functionsRajbangshi, Juriti; Banerjee, Swarup; Ghorai, Pradip Kr; Biswas, Ranjit
2015Density relaxation and particle motion characteristics in a non-ionic deep eutectic solvent (acetamide + urea): Time-resolved fluorescence measurements and all-atom molecular dynamics simulationsDas, Anuradha; Das, Suman; Biswas, Ranjit
2018Dielectric relaxation in acetamide + urea deep eutectics and neat molten urea: Origin of time scales via temperature dependent measurements and computer simulationsMukherjee, Kallol; Das, Suman; Tarif, Ejaj; Barman, Anjan; Biswas, Ranjit
2016Dielectric relaxation in ionic liquid/dipolar solvent binary mixtures: A semi-molecular theoryDaschakraborty, Snehasis; Biswas, Ranjit
2014Dielectric relaxation in ionic liquids: Role of ion-ion and ion-dipole interactions, and effects of heterogeneityDaschakraborty, Snehasis; Biswas, Ranjit
2015Dielectric Relaxations of (Acetamide + Electrolyte) Deep Eutectic Solvents in the Frequency Window, 0.2 ≤ ν/GHz ≤ 50: Anion and Cation DependenceMukherjee, Kallol; Das, Anuradha; Choudhury, Samiran; Barman, Anjan; Biswas, Ranjit
2011Dipolar Solute Rotation in a Supercritical Polar FluidDas, Amit; Biswas, Ranjit; Chakrabarti, J
2013Dipolar solute rotation in ionic liquids, electrolyte solutions and common polar solvents: Emergence of universalityDas, Amit; Biswas, Ranjit; Chakrabarti, J
2008Dipolar Solvation Dynamics in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids: An Effective Medium Calculation Using Dielectric Relaxation DataKashyap, Hemant K; Biswas, Ranjit
2020Does Confinement Modify Preferential Solvation and H‑Bond Fluctuation Dynamics? A Molecular Level Investigation through Simulations of a Bulk and Confined Three-Component MixtureBaksi, Atanu; Biswas, Ranjit
2017Dynamics of a PEG based non-ionic deep eutectic solvent: Temperature dependenceMukherjee, Kallol; Tarif, Ejaj; Barman, Anjan; Biswas, Ranjit
2015Dynamic Solvent Control of a Reaction in Ionic Deep Eutectic Solvents: Time-Resolved Fluorescence Measurements of Reactive and Nonreactive Dynamics in (Choline Chloride + Urea) MeltsDas, Anuradha; Biswas, Ranjit
2020Dynamic Susceptibility and Structural Heterogeneity of Large Reverse Micellar Water: An Examination of the Core–Shell Model via Probing the Layer-wise FeaturesBaksi, Atanu; Ghorai, Pradip Kr; Biswas, Ranjit
2007Electrolyte-Concentration and Ion-Size Dependence of Excited-State Intramolecular Charge-Transfer Reaction in (Alkylamino)benzonitriles: Steady-State Spectroscopic StudiesPradhan, Tuhin; Biswas, Ranjit
2007Electrolyte-Concentration and Ion-Size Dependence of Excited-State Intramolecular Charge-Transfer Reaction in (Alkylamino)benzonitriles: Time-Resolved Fluorescence Emission StudiesPradhan, Tuhin; Biswas, Ranjit
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