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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Conformational selection underpins recognition of multiple DNA sequences by proteins and consequent functional actionsNaiya, Gitashri; Raha, Paromita; Mondal, Manas Kumar; Pal, Uttam; Saha, Rajesh; Chaudhuri, Susobhan; Batabyal, Subrata; Pal, Samir Kumar; Bhattacharyya, Dhananjay; Maiti, Nakul C; Roy, Siddhartha
2014Dynamical perspective of protein-DNA interactionBatabyal, Subrata; Choudhury, Susobhan; Sao, Dilip; Mondol, Tanumoy; Pal, Samir Kumar
2012F¨orster resonance energy transfer in a nanoscopic system on a dielectric interfaceBatabyal, Subrata; Mondol, Tanumoy; Das, Kaustuv; Pal, Samir Kumar
2012An improved microfluidics approach for monitoring real-time interaction profiles of ultrafast molecular recognitionBatabyal, Subrata; Rakshit, Surajit; Kar, Shantimoy; Pal, Samir Kumar
2012Interaction of an Antituberculosis Drug with Nano-sized Cationic Micelle: Fo¨ rster Resonance Energy Transfer from Dansyl to Rifampicin in the MicroenvironmentMondol, Tanumoy; Batabyal, Subrata; Pal, Samir K
2013Picosecond-resolved solvent reorganization and energy transfer in biological and model cavitiesBatabyal, Subrata; Mondol, Tanumoy; Pal, Samir Kumar
2012Recognition of different DNA sequences by a DNA-binding protein alters protein dynamics differentiallyMondol, Tanumoy; Batabyal, Subrata; Mazumder, Abhishek; Roy, Siddhartha; Pal, Samir K
2017Specific DNA sequences allosterically enhance protein–protein interaction in a transcription factor through modulation of protein dynamics: implications for specificity of gene regulationMazumder, Abhishek; Batabyal, Subrata; Mondal, Manas; Mondol, Tanumoy; Choudhury, Susobhan; Ghosh, Raka; Chatterjee, Tanaya; Bhattacharyya, Dhananjay; Pal, Samir Kumar; Roy, Siddhartha
2012Ultrafast dynamics of excitons in semiconductor quantum dots on a plasmonically active nano-structured silver filmBatabyal, Subrata; Makhal, Abhinandan; Das, K; Raychaudhuri, A K; Pal, Samir K
2014Ultrafast Dynamics of Solvation and Charge Transfer in a DNA-Based BiomaterialChoudhury, Susobhan; Batabyal, Subrata; Mondol, Tanumoy; Sao, Dilip; Lemmens, Peter; Pal, Samir Kumar
2012Ultrafast electron transfer in the recognition of different DNA sequences by a DNA-binding protein with different dynamical conformationsMondol, Tanumoy; Batabyal, Subrata; Pal, Samir Kumar
2013Ultrafast interfacial solvation dynamics in specific protein DNA recognitionBatabyal, Subrata; Mondol, Tanumoy; Choudhury, Susobhan; Mazumder, Abhishek; Pal, Samir Kumar
2014Vitamin B2 in Nanoscopic Environments under Visible Light: Photosensitized Antioxidant or Phototoxic Drug?Chaudhuri, Siddhi; Batabyal, Subrata; Polley, Nabarun; Pal, Samir Kumar
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13


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