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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Aspects of diffeomorphism and conformal invariance in classical Liouville theoryBanerjee, Rabin; Gangopadhyay, Sunandan; Kulkarni, Shailesh
2005Bosonic P-brane and Arnowitt-Deser-Misner decompositionBanerjee, Rabin; Mukherjee, Pradip; Saha, Anirban
2006A BRST gauge-fixing procedure for Yang–Mills theory on sphereBanerjee, Rabin; Deguchi, Shinichi
2013BRST symmetry and W-algebra in higher derivative modelsBanerjee, Rabin; Paul, Biswajit; Upadhyay, Sudhaker
2009Connecting anomaly and tunneling methods for the Hawking effect through chiralityBanerjee, Rabin; Majhi, Bibhas Ranjan
2014Constitutive relations and response parameters in two-dimensional hydro dynamics with gauge and gravitation alanomaliesBanerjee, Rabin; Dey, Shirsendu
2017Cosmological implications of a shift symmetric Galileon fieldBanerjee, Rabin; Chakraborty, Sumanta; Mitra, Arpita; Mukherjee, Pradip
2012Critical behavior of Born-Infeld AdS black holes in higher dimensionsBanerjee, Rabin; Roychowdhury, Dibakar
2012Critical phenomena in Born-Infeld AdS black holesBanerjee, Rabin; Roychowdhury, Dibakar
2006Deformed symmetry in Snyder space and relativistic particle dynamicsBanerjee, Rabin; Kulkarni, Shailesh; Samanta, Saurav
2012Dual composition of odd-dimensional modelsBanerjee, Rabin; Kumar(Chaudhuri), Sarmishtha
2003Duality symmetry and plane waves in non-commutative electrodynamicsAbe, Yasumi; Banerjee, Rabin; Tsutsui, Izumi
2001Dual projection and self-duality in three dimensionsBanerjee, Rabin; Wotzasek, Clovis
2015Elementary modes of coupled oscillators as whispering-gallery microresonatorsBanerjee, Rabin; Mukherjee, Pradip
2015Entropy current in two dimensional anomalous hydrodynamics and a bound on the sum of the response parametersBanerjee, Rabin; Dey, Shirsendu; Majhi, Bibhas Ranjan
2009Exact differential and corrected area law for stationary black holes in tunneling methodBanerjee, Rabin; Modak, Sujoy Kumar
2014Exact results in two-dimensional chiral hydrodynamics with gravitational anomaliesBanerjee, Rabin
2005Exact Seiberg–Witten map, induced gravity and topological invariants in non-commutative field theoriesBanerjee, Rabin; Yang, Hyun Seok
2018Galilean gauge theory from Poincare gauge theoryBanerjee, Rabin; Mukherjee, Pradip
2011Gauge symmetry and W-algebra in higher derivative systemsBanerjee, Rabin; Mukherjee, Pradip; Paul, Biswajit
Showing results 1 to 20 of 91
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