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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Effect of Hydrophobic Interaction on Structure, Dynamics, and Reactivity of WaterRakshit, Surajit; Saha, Ranajay; Chakraborty, Amrita; Pal, Samir Kumar
2020Effects of rapid thermal annealing in InGaN/GaN quantum disk-in-GaN nanowire arraysBiswas, Mahitosh; Kumar, Ravinder; Chatterjee, Arka; Wu, Yuanpeng; Mi, Zetain; Bhattacharya, Pallab; Pal, Samir Kumar; Chakrabarti, Subhananda
2015Efficient red luminescence from organic-soluble Au25 clusters by ligand structure modificationMathew, Ammu; Varghese, Elizabeth; Choudhury, Susobhan; Pal, Samir Kumar; Pradeep, T
2012Emergence of Multicolor Photoluminescence in La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 NanoparticlesGiri, Anupam; Goswami, Nirmal; Bootharaju, M S; Xavier, Paulrajpillai Lourdu; John, Robin; Thanh, Nguyen T K; Pradeep, Thalappil; Ghosh, Barnali; Raychaudhuri, A K; Pal, Samir Kumar
2015Enhanced Charge Separation and FRET at Heterojunctions between Semiconductor Nanoparticles and Conducting Polymer Nanofibers for Efficient Solar Light HarvestingSardar, Samim; Kar, Prasenjit; Remita, Hynd; Liu, Bo; Lemmens, Peter; Pal, Samir Kumar; Ghosh, Srabanti
2017Enhanced charge separation through modulation of defect-state in wide band-gap semiconductor for potential photocatalysis application: Ultrafast spectroscopy and computational studiesMaji, Tuhin Kumar; Bagchi, Damayanti; Kar, Prasenjit; Karmakar, Debjani; Pal, Samir Kumar
2019Enhanced Performance of In(Ga)As QD Based Optoelectronic Devices through Improved Interface Quality between QD and Matrix MaterialPanda, Debiprasad; Chatterjee, Arka; Saha, Jhuma; Das, Debabrata; Singh, Sandeep Madhusudan; Pal, Samir Kumar; Chakrabarti, Subhananda
2016Enhanced photovoltage in DSSCs: synergistic combination of a silver modified TiO2 photoanode and a low cost counter electrodeSardar, Samim; Ghosh, Srabanti; Remita, Hynd; Kar, Prasenjit; Liu, Bo; Bhattacharya, Chinmoy; Lemmens, Peter; Pal, Samir Kumar
2019Enhanced Water Stability and Photoresponsivity in Metal-Organic Framework (MOF): A Potential Tool to Combat Drug-resistant BacteriaAhmed, Saleh A; Bagchi, Damayanti; Katouah, Hanadi A; Hasan, Md Nur; Altass, Hatem M; Pal, Samir Kumar
2017Essential Dynamics of an Effective Phototherapeutic Drug in a Nanoscopic Delivery Vehicle: Psoralen in Ethosomes for Biofilm TreatmentBagchi, Damayanti; Dutta, Shreyasi; Singh, Priya; Chaudhuri, Siddhi; Pal, Samir Kumar
2014Evanescent field: A potential light-tool for theranostics applicationPolley, Nabarun; Singh, Soumendra; Giri, Anupam; Pal, Samir Kumar
2008Excited-State Solvation and Proton Transfer Dynamics of DAPI in Biomimetics and Genomic DNABanerjee, Debapriya; Pal, Samir Kumar
2009Exploration of the Dynamical Evolution and the Associated Energetics of Water Nanoclusters Formed in a Hydrophobic SolventMitra, Rajib Kumar; Verma, Pramod Kumar; Pal, Samir Kumar
2015Facile synthesis of Pd nanostructures in hexagonal mesophases as a promising electrocatalyst for ethanol oxidationGhosh, Srabanti; Remita, Hynd; Kar, Prasenjit; Choudhury, Susobhan; Sardar, Samim; Beaunier, Patricia; Roy, Partha Sarathi; Bhattacharya, Swapan Kumar; Pal, Samir Kumar
2016Facile synthesis of reduced graphene oxide–gold nanohybrid for potential use in industrial waste-water treatmentKar, Prasenjit; Sardar, Samim; Liu, Bo; Sreemany, Monjoy; Lemmens, Peter; Ghosh, Srabanti; Pal, Samir Kumar
2020Flower-Like BiOI Microspheres Decorated with Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticles for Dual Detoxification of Organic and Inorganic Water PollutantsChatterjee, Arka; Kar, Prasenjit; Wulferding, Dirk; Lemmens, Peter; Pal, Samir Kumar
2007Fluorescence Relaxation Dynamics of Acridine Orange in Nanosized Micellar Systems and DNAShaw, Ajay Kumar; Pal, Samir Kumar
2012F¨orster resonance energy transfer in a nanoscopic system on a dielectric interfaceBatabyal, Subrata; Mondol, Tanumoy; Das, Kaustuv; Pal, Samir Kumar
2010Functionalization of manganite nanoparticles and their interaction with biologically relevant small ligands: Picosecond time-resolved FRET studiesGiri, Anupam; Makhal, Abhinandan; Ghosh, Barnali; Raychaudhuri, A K; Pal, Samir Kumar
2018Halide-Modulated Functionality of Wide Band Gap Zinc Oxide Semiconductor NanoparticleMaji, Tuhin Kumar; Kar, Prasenjit; Mandal, Harahari; Bhattacharya, Chinmoy; Karmakar, Debjani; Pal, Samir Kumar
Showing results 49 to 68 of 199
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