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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Shape- andfield-dependentMorintransitionsinstructured α-Fe2O3Mitra, Subarna; Das, Soumen; Basu, Soumen; Sahu, Puspendu; Mandal, Kalyan
2016Stable and Enhanced Visible-Light Water Electrolysis Using C, N, and S Surface Functionalized ZnO Nanorod Photoanodes: Engineering the Absorption and Electronic StructureKarmakar, Keshab; Sarkar, Ayan; Mandal, Kalyan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal
2007Structural and magnetic properties of Co nanoparticles in Cu/SiO2 matrixKumar, P Anil; Mitra, Subarna; Mandal, Kalyan
2013Structure dependent photo luminescence of nanoporous amorphous anodic aluminium oxide membranes:Role of F+ center defectsKhan, Gobinda Gopal; Singh, Ashutosh K; Mandal, Kalyan
2007Superparamagnetic Behavior in Noninteracting NiFe2O4 Nanoparticles Grown in SiO2 MatrixMitra, Subarna; Mandal, Kalyan
2015Surface chemistry modulated introduction of multifunctionality within Co3O4 nanocubesPal, Monalisa; Singh, Ashutosh Kumar; Rakshit, Rupali; Mandal, Kalyan
2018Surface Electronic States Induced High Terahertz Conductivity of Co3O4 Microhollow StructureRakshit, Rupali; Kadakuntla, Santhosh Kumar; Agarwal, Piyush; Sardar, Suman; Saha, Priyanka; Mandal, Kalyan; Rana, Dhanvir Singh
2017Surface engineered magneto fluorescent MnFe2O4 nanoparticles in the realm of biomedical applicationsChakraborty, Indranil; Majumder, Deblina; Talukdar, Souvanik; Roy, Somenath; Mandal, Kalyan
2020Surface functionalized CoFe2O4 nano-hollowspheres: Novel propertiesTalukdar, Souvanik; Saha, Priyanka; Chakraborty, Indranil; Mandal, Kalyan
2016Surface functionalized H2Ti3O7 nanowires engineered for visible-light photoswitching, electrochemical water splitting, and photocatalysisSarkar, Ayan; Karmakar, Keshab; Singh, Ashutosh K; Mandal, Kalyan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal
2017Surface modification of Cobalt ferrite nano-hollowspheres for inherent multiple photoluminescence and enhanced photocatalytic activitiesTalukdar, Souvanik; Mandal, Dipika; Mandal, Kalyan
2014Surface Modification of MnFe2O4 Nanoparticles to Impart Intrinsic Multiple Fluorescence and Novel Photocatalytic PropertiesPal, Monalisa; Rakshit, Rupali; Mandal, Kalyan
2014Surface Modification of α−Fe2O3 Nanoparticles to Develop as Intrinsic Photoluminescent Probe and Unprecedented PhotocatalystPal, Monalisa; Rakshit, Rupali; Mandal, Madhuri; Mandal, Kalyan
2017Synthesis and functionalization of MnFe2O4 nano−hollow spheres for novel optical and catalytic propertiesChakraborty, Indranil; Rakshit, Rupali; Mandal, Kalyan
2007Synthesis of a α-Fe2O3 nanocrystal in its different morphological attributes: growth mechanism, optical and magnetic propertiesMitra, Subarna; Das, Soumen; Mandal, Kalyan; Chaudhuri, Subhadra
2011Synthesis of Chainlike α -Fe2O3 Nanoparticles in DNA Template and Their CharacterizationSarkar, Debasish; Mandal, Kalyan; Mandal, Madhuri
2009Synthesis of CoxPt1- x alloy nanoparticles of different phase by micellar technique and their properties studyMandal, Madhuri; Das, Bipul; Mandal, Kalyan
2009Synthesis of DNA Templated Tri-functional Electrically Conducting, Optical and Magnetic nano-chain of Nicore-Aushell for Bio-deviceMandal, Madhuri; Mandal, Kalyan
2009Synthesis of Snowball Flowerlike Ni Nanoparticles by Negatively charged micellesMandal, Madhuri; Mandal, Kalyan
2015Three-Dimensional Nanoarchitecture of BiFeO3 Anchored TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Solar Energy ConversionSarkar, Ayan; Singh, Ashutosh K; Sarkar, Debasish; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Mandal, Kalyan
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