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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Zn-Doped Fe3O4 Hollow NanospheresSaha, Priyanka; Rakshit, Rupali; Alam, Mahebub; Mandal, Kalyan
2012Magnetic field alignment of template released ferromagnetic nanowiresSultan, Musaab S; Das, Bipul; Mandal, Kalyan; Atkinson, Del
2018Magnetic Properties of AOT Functionalized Cobalt-Ferrite Nanoparticles in Search of Hard-Soft Marginal MagnetMandal, Dipika; Goswami, Madhuri Mandal; Mandal, Kalyan
2015Magnetic properties of Fe3O4 nano-hollow spheresSarkar, Debasish; Ghosh, Arup; Rakshit, Rupali; Mandal, Kalyan
2016Measurement protocol dependent magnetocaloric properties in a Si-doped Mn-rich Mn-Ni-Sn-Si off-stoichiometric Heusler alloyGhosh, Arup; Sen, Pintu; Mandal, Kalyan
2010Micelles induced high coercivity in single domain cobalt-ferrite nanoparticlesPal, Debabrata; Mandal, Madhuri; Chaudhuri, Arka; Das, Bipul; Sarkar, Debasish; Mandal, Kalyan
2018Microwave synthesis of surface functionalized ErFeO3 nanoparticles for photoluminescence and excellent photocatalytic activityAlam, Mahebub; Chakraborty, Indranil; Mandal, Kalyan
1999Modeling of magnetic Barkhausen noise in single and dual easy axis systems in steelKrause, Thomas W; Mandal, Kalyan; Atherton, David L
2018Multiferroic properties of bilayered BiFeO3/CoFe2O4 Nano-hollowspheresAlam, Mahebub; Talukdar, Souvanik; Mandal, Kalyan
2016Multifunctional BiFeO3/TiO2 nano-heterostructure: Photo-ferroelectricity, rectifying transport, and nonvolatile resistive switching propertySarkar, Ayan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Chaudhuri, Arka; Das, Avishek; Mandal, Kalyan
2017Nano-engineering of p–n CuFeO2-ZnO heterojunction photoanode with improved light absorption and charge collection for photoelectrochemical water oxidationKarmakar, Keshab; Sarkar, Ayan; Mandal, Kalyan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal
2009Negatively charged micelles directed synthesis of snow-ball flower like superparamagnetic Ni nanoparticles and investigation of their propertiesMandal, Madhuri; Pal, Debabrata; Mandal, Kalyan
2019NiFe2O4 nano-hollow spheres with improved magnetic and dielectric propertiesMandal, Dipika; Alam, Mahebub; Mandal, Kalyan
2012Origin of room temperature d0 ferromagnetism and characteristic photoluminescence in pristine SnO2 nanowires : AcorrelationKhan, Gobinda Gopal; Ghosh, S; Mandal, Kalyan
2015Research Update: Facile synthesis of CoFe2O4 nano-hollow spheres for efficient bilirubin adsorptionRakshit, Rupali; Pal, Monalisa; Chaudhuri, Arka; Mandal, Madhuri; Mandal, Kalyan
2018Reversible magnetocaloric effect and critical exponent analysis in Mn-Fe-Ni-Sn Heusler alloysGhosh, Subrata; Ghosh, Arup; Mandal, Kalyan
2019Rheological response of magnetic fluid containing Fe3O4 nano structuresSaha, Priyanka; Mukherjee, Suchandra; Mandal, Kalyan
2009Shape- andfield-dependentMorintransitionsinstructured α-Fe2O3Mitra, Subarna; Das, Soumen; Basu, Soumen; Sahu, Puspendu; Mandal, Kalyan
2016Stable and Enhanced Visible-Light Water Electrolysis Using C, N, and S Surface Functionalized ZnO Nanorod Photoanodes: Engineering the Absorption and Electronic StructureKarmakar, Keshab; Sarkar, Ayan; Mandal, Kalyan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal
2007Structural and magnetic properties of Co nanoparticles in Cu/SiO2 matrixKumar, P Anil; Mitra, Subarna; Mandal, Kalyan
Showing results 47 to 66 of 85
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