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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Fabrication of Biologically Functionalized, Electrically Conducting, and Aligned Magnetic NanoparticlesSarkar, Debasish; Mandal, Madhuri; Das, Rajasree; Mandal, Kalyan
2019Facet-Dependent Photodegradation of Methylene Blue Using Pristine CeO2 NanostructuresMajumder, Deblina; Chakraborty, Indranil; Mandal, Kalyan; Roy, Somenath
2014Facile functionalization of Fe2O3 nanoparticles to induce inherent photoluminescence and excellent photocatalytic activityPal, Monalisa; Rakshit, Rupali; Mandal, Kalyan
2018Facile surface modification of nickel ferrite nanoparticles for inherent multiple fluorescence and catalytic activitiesTalukdar, Souvanik; Rakshit, Rupali; Kr¨amer, Andr´e; M¨uller, Frank A; Mandal, Kalyan
2013High-Performance Pseudocapacitor Electrodes Based on α‑Fe2O3/ MnO2 Core−Shell Nanowire Heterostructure ArraysSarkar, Debasish; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Singh, Ashutosh K; Mandal, Kalyan
2016High-Performance Supercapacitor Electrode Based on Cobalt Oxide− Manganese Dioxide−Nickel Oxide Ternary 1D Hybrid NanotubesSingh, Ashutosh K; Sarkar, Debasish; Karmakar, Keshab; Mandal, Kalyan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal
2014Hydrogenated NiO Nanoblock Architecture for High Performance PseudocapacitorSingh, Ashutosh K; Sarkar, Debasish; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Mandal, Kalyan
2017Improvement of drug delivery by hyperthermia treatment using magnetic cubic cobalt ferrite nanoparticlesDey, Chaitali; Baishya, Kaushik; Ghosh, Arup; Mandal Goswami, Madhuri; Ghosh, Ajay; Mandal, Kalyan
2017Improvement of drug delivery by hyperthermia treatment using magnetic cubic cobalt ferrite nanoparticlesDey, Chaitali; Baishya, Kaushik; Ghosh, Arup; Goswami, Madhuri Mandal; Ghosh, Ajay; Mandal, Kalyan
2014Influence of alumina membrane on magnetic properties for thermallyannealed CoPt alloy nanowiresDas, Bipul; Mandal, Madhuri; Mandal, Kalyan; Sen, Pintu
2017Influence of functional group of dye on the adsorption behaviour of CoFe2O4 nano-hollow spheresRakshit, Rupali; Khatun, Esma; Pal, Monalisa; Talukdar, Souvanik; Mandal, Dipika; Saha, Priyanka; Mandal, Kalyan
2012Influence of Li-N and Li-F co-doping on defect-induced intrinsic ferromagnetic and photoluminescence properties of arrays of ZnO nanowiresGhosh, Shyamsundar; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Varma, Shikha; Mandal, Kalyan
2018Investigating the Role of Oxygen Vacancies and Lattice Strain Defects on the Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Property of Alkali Metal (Li, Na, and K) Doped ZnO Nanorod PhotoanodesKarmakar, Keshab; Sarkar, Ayan; Mandal, Kalyan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal
2013Large inverse magnetocaloric effect in Ni48.5- xCoxMn37Sn14.5 (x = 0, 1 and 2) with negligible hysteresisGhosh, Arup; Mandal, Kalyan
2013Large magnetic entropy change and magnetoresistance associated with a martensitic transition of Mn-rich Mn50.5−xNi41Sn8.5+x alloysGhosh, Arup; Mandal, Kalyan
2015Large magneto electric properties in CoFe2O4:BaTiO3 core–shell nanocompositesChaudhuri, Arka; Mandal, Kalyan
2013Large magnetoresistance associated with large inverse magnetocaloric effect in Ni-Co-Mn-Sn alloysGhosh, Arup; Mandal, Kalyan
2019Leakage through the conductive channels appearing at the grain boundaries of multiferroic gallium ferriteGhose, Srabantika; Mandal, Kalyan
2015Ligand-Induced Evolution of Intrinsic Fluorescence and Catalytic Activity from Cobalt Ferrite NanoparticlesPal, Monalisa; Kundu, Anirban; Rakshit, Rupali; Mandal, Kalyan
2019Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Zn-Doped Fe3O4 Hollow NanospheresSaha, Priyanka; Rakshit, Rupali; Alam, Mahebub; Mandal, Kalyan
Showing results 28 to 47 of 85
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