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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Rotating Brane-World Black Hole Lensing in the Strong Deflection LimitMukherjee, N; Majumdar, A S
2008Rotating Brane-World Black Hole Lensing in the Strong Deflection LimitMukherjee, N; Majumdar, A S
2018Sharing of nonlocal advantage of quantum coherence by sequential observersDatta, Shounak; Majumdar, A S
2016Some applications of uncertainty relations in quantum informationMajumdar, A S; Pramanik, T
2003Spin-dependent observable effect for free particles using the arrival time distributionAli, Md Manirul; Majumdar, A S; Home, Dipankar; Sengupta, Shyamal
2018Steering a single system sequentially by multiple observersSasmal, Souradeep; Das, Debarshi; Mal, Shiladitya; Majumdar, A S
2019Stochastic gravitational wave background from accreting primordial black hole binaries during early inspiral stageSarkar, Arnab; Nayak, K Rajesh; Majumdar, A S
2015Stronger steerability criterion for more uncertain continuous-variable systemsChowdhury, Priyanka; Pramanik, Tanumoy; Majumdar, A S
2012Strong quantum violation of the gravitational weak equivalence principle by a non-Gaussian wave packetChowdhury, P; Home, D; Majumdar, A S; Mousavi, S V; Mozaffari, M R; Sinha, S
2010Study of atomic entanglement in multimode cavity opticsSaha, Papri; Nayak, N; Majumdar, A S
2019Superunsteerability as a quantifiable resource for random access codes assisted by Bell-diagonal statesJebarathinam, C; Das, Debarshi; Kanjilal, Som; Srikanth, R; Sarkar, Debasis; Chattopadhyay, Indrani; Majumdar, A S
2010Swapping path-spin intraparticle entanglement onto spin-spin interparticle entanglementAdhikari, S; Majumdar, A S; Home, Dipankar; Pan, A K
2008Teleportation of two-mode squeezed statesAdhikari, Satyabrata; Majumdar, A S; Nayak, N
2008Teleportation via maximally and non-maximally entangled mixed statesAdhikari, S; Majumdar, A S; Nayak, N; Roy, S; Ghosh, B
2012Testing nonlocality of single photons using cavitiesPramanik, T; Adhikari, S; Majumdar, A S; Home, D
2020Thermodynamic utility of non-Markovianity from the perspective of resource interconversionBhattacharya, Samyadeb; Bhattacharya, Bihalan; Majumdar, A S
2017Tighter Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering inequality based on the sum-uncertainty relationMaity, Ananda G; Datta, Shounak; Majumdar, A S
2018A tighter steering criterion using the Robertson–Schrödinger uncertainty relationSasmal, Souradeep; Pramanik, Tanumoy; Home, Dipankar; Majumdar, A S
2015Toward secure communication using intra-particle entanglementAdhikari, S; Home, Dipankar; Majumdar, A S; Pan, A K; Shenoy H, Akshata; Srikanth, R
2009Unified model of k-inflation, dark matter and dark energyBose, Nilok; Majumdar, A S
Showing results 52 to 71 of 72
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