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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Fine-grained Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen–steering inequalitiesPramanik, Tanumoy; Kaplan, Marc; Majumdar, A S
2012Fine-grained uncertainty relation and nonlocality of tripartite systemsPramanik, T; Majumdar, A S
2001From brane assisted inflation to quintessence through a single scalar fieldMajumdar, A S
2011Future deceleration due to cosmic backreaction in presence of the event horizonBose, Nilok; Majumdar, A S
2017Future evolution in a backreaction model and the analogous scalar eld cosmologyAli, Amna; Majumdar, A S
2010Information transfer using a single particle path-spin hybrid entangled statePramanik, T; Adhikari, S; Majumdar, A S; Home, Dipankar; Pan, Alok Kumar
2005Interacting black holes on the brane: the seeding of binariesMajumdar, A S; Mehta, Anita; Luck, J M
2009A k-essence model of inflation, dark matter and dark energyBose, Nilok; Majumdar, A S
2008k-essence model of inflation, dark matter, and dark energyBose, Nilok; Majumdar, A S
2011Leggett-type nonlocal realistic inequalities without any constraint on the geometrical alignment of measurement settingsRai, Ashutosh; Home, Dipankar; Majumdar, A S
2016Lower bound of quantum uncertainty from extractable classical informationPramanik, T; Mal, S; Majumdar, A S
2015Measurement incompatibility and channel steeringBanik, Manik; Das, Subhadipa; Majumdar, A S
2018One-sided device-independent self-testing of any pure two-qubit entangled stateGoswami, Suchetana; Bhattacharya, Bihalan; Das, Debarshi; Sasmal, Souradeep; Jebaratnam, C; Majumdar, A S
2006On the quantum analogue of Galileo’s leaning tower experimentAli, Md Manirul; Majumdar, A S; Home, Dipankar; Pan, Alok Kumar
2018Operational characterization of quantumness of unsteerable bipartite statesDas, Debarshi; Bhattacharya, Bihalan; Datta, Chandan; Roy, Arup; Jebaratnam, C; Majumdar, A S; Srikanth, R
2018Operational nonclassicality of local multipartite correlations in the limiteddimensional simulation scenarioJebaratnam, C; Das, Debarshi; Goswami, Suchetana; Srikanth, R; Majumdar, A S
2016Optimal violation of the Leggett–Garg inequality for arbitrary spin and emergence of classicality through unsharp measurementsMal, Shiladitya; Majumdar, A S
2007Particle motion and gravitational lensing in the metric of a dilaton black hole in a de Sitter universeMukherjee, Nupur; Majumdar, A S
2017Preservation of a lower bound of quantum secret key rate in the presence of decoherenceDatta, Shounak; Goswami, Suchetana; Pramanik, Tanumoy; Majumdar, A S
2017Preservation of quantum coherence under Lorentz boost for narrow uncertainty wave packetsChatterjee, Riddhi; Majumdar, A S
Showing results 26 to 45 of 72
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