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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Influence of Film Thickness and Oxygen Partial Pressure on Cation- Defect-Induced Intrinsic Ferromagnetic Behavior in Luminescent p‑Type Na-Doped ZnO Thin FilmsGhosh, S; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Varma, Shikha; Mandal, K
2012Influence of Li-N and Li-F co-doping on defect-induced intrinsic ferromagnetic and photoluminescence properties of arrays of ZnO nanowiresGhosh, Shyamsundar; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Varma, Shikha; Mandal, Kalyan
2018Investigating the Role of Oxygen Vacancies and Lattice Strain Defects on the Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Property of Alkali Metal (Li, Na, and K) Doped ZnO Nanorod PhotoanodesKarmakar, Keshab; Sarkar, Ayan; Mandal, Kalyan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal
2016Multifunctional BiFeO3/TiO2 nano-heterostructure: Photo-ferroelectricity, rectifying transport, and nonvolatile resistive switching propertySarkar, Ayan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Chaudhuri, Arka; Das, Avishek; Mandal, Kalyan
2017Nano-engineering of p–n CuFeO2-ZnO heterojunction photoanode with improved light absorption and charge collection for photoelectrochemical water oxidationKarmakar, Keshab; Sarkar, Ayan; Mandal, Kalyan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal
2020Origin and tuning of room temperature ferromagnetism and ferroelectricity in double perovskite Y2NiMnO6 nanostructured thin filmsAlam, Mahebub; Mandal, Kalyan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal
2012Origin of room temperature d0 ferromagnetism and characteristic photoluminescence in pristine SnO2 nanowires : AcorrelationKhan, Gobinda Gopal; Ghosh, S; Mandal, Kalyan
2020Photo-Induced Exciton Dynamics and Broadband Light Harvesting in ZnO Nanorod-Templated Multilayered Two-Dimensional MoS2/MoO3 Photoanodes for Solar Fuel GenerationKarmakar, Keshab; Maity, Dipanjan; Pal, Debashish; Mandal, Kalyan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal
2014Positron annihilation studies of vacancy-type defects and room temperature ferromagnetism in chemically synthesized Li-doped ZnO nanocrystalsGhosh, S; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Mandal, K; Thapa, Samudrajit; Nambissan, P M G
2016Stable and Enhanced Visible-Light Water Electrolysis Using C, N, and S Surface Functionalized ZnO Nanorod Photoanodes: Engineering the Absorption and Electronic StructureKarmakar, Keshab; Sarkar, Ayan; Mandal, Kalyan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal
2013Structure dependent photo luminescence of nanoporous amorphous anodic aluminium oxide membranes:Role of F+ center defectsKhan, Gobinda Gopal; Singh, Ashutosh K; Mandal, Kalyan
2016Surface functionalized H2Ti3O7 nanowires engineered for visible-light photoswitching, electrochemical water splitting, and photocatalysisSarkar, Ayan; Karmakar, Keshab; Singh, Ashutosh K; Mandal, Kalyan; Khan, Gobinda Gopal
2015Three-Dimensional Nanoarchitecture of BiFeO3 Anchored TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Solar Energy ConversionSarkar, Ayan; Singh, Ashutosh K; Sarkar, Debasish; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Mandal, Kalyan
2013Unique hydrogenated Ni/NiO core/shell 1D nanoheterostructures with superior electrochemical performance as supercapacitorsSingh, Ashutosh K; Sarkar, Debasish; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Mandal, Kalyan
2011Vacancy-induced intrinsic d0 ferromagnetism and photoluminescence in potassium doped ZnO nanowiresGhosh, S; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Das, Bipul; Mandal, K
2013Zinc vacancy-induced high-TC ferromagnetism and photoluminescence in group-1 alkali-metal substituted p-type ZnO thin filmsGhosh, s; Khan, Gobinda Gopal; Ghosh, Arup; Varma, Shikha; Mandal, K
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