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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Inverse problem in ionospheric science: prediction of solar soft-X-ray spectrum from very low frequency radiosonde resultsPalit, S; Ray, S; Chakrabarti, S K
2009Ionosperic Anomaly due to Seismic Activities -I: Calibration of the VLF signal of VTX 18.2KHz Station From Kolkata and Deviation During Seismic eventsSasmal, S; Chakrabarti, S K
2011Ionospheric anomaly due to seismic activities-III: correlation between night time VLF amplitude fluctuations and effective magnitudes of earthquakes in Indian sub-continentRay, S; Chakrabarti, S K; Mondal, S K; Sasmal, S
2010Ionospheric anomaly due to seismic activities – Part 2: Evidence from D-layer preparation and disappearance timesChakrabarti, S K; Sasmal, S; Chakrabarti, S
2004Mass accretion rate of the galactic black hole A0620-00 in its quiescent statePal, S; Chakrabarti, S K
2012Modeling of the Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio wave signal profile due to solar flares using the GEANT4 Monte Carlo simulation coupled with ionospheric chemistryPalit, S; Basak, T; Mondal, S K; Pal, S; Chakrabarti, S K
2013Modeling of very low frequency (VLF) radio wave signal profile due to solar flares using the GEANT4 Monte Carlo simulation coupled with ionospheric chemistryPalit, S; Basak, T; Mondal, S K; Pal, S; Chakrabarti, S K
2001New Instabilities in Accretion Flows onto Black HolesMolteni, D; Fauci, F; Gerardi, G; Bisikalo, D; Kuznetsov, O; Acharya, K; Chakrabarti, S K
2001Observational evidence for mass ejection during soft X-ray dips in GRS 1915+105Vadawale, S V; Rao, A R; Nandi, A; Chakrabarti, S K
2012Precursory Effects in the night time VLF signal Amplitude for the 18th January, 2011 Pakistan EarthquakeRay, S; Chakrabarti, S K; Sasmal, S
2010RT-2 DETECTION OF QUASI-PERIODIC PULSATIONS IN THE 2009 JULY 5 SOLAR HARD X-RAY FLARERao, A R; Malkar, J P; Hingar, M K; Agrawal, V K; Chakrabarti, S K; Nandi, A; Debnath, D; Kotoch, T B; Chidambaram, T R; Vinod, P; Sreekumar, S; Kotov, Y D; Buslov, A S; Yurov, V N; Tyshkevich, V G; Arkhangelskij, A I; Zyatkov, R A; Shaheda Begum, S; Manoharan, P K
2006Simultaneous VLBI/GMRT/RXTE observation of SS433Chakrabarti, S K; Pal, S; Nandi, A
2001Spectral differences between the radio-loud and radio-quiet low-hard states of GRS 1915+105: Possible detection of synchrotron radiation in X-raysVadawale, S V; Rao, A R; Chakrabarti, S K
2009Studies of accretion flows around rotating black holes – III. Shock oscillations and an estimation of the spin parameter from QPO frequenciesMondal, S; Basu, P; Chakrabarti, S K
2014Study of properties of cosmic rays and solar X-ray flares by balloon borne experimentsChakrabarti, S K; Bhowmick, D; Chakraborty, S; Palit, S; Mondal, S K; Bhattacharya, A; Midya, S; Chakrabarti, S
2014A study of the variation of geometry of accretion flows of compact objects through timing and spectral analysis of their outburstsPal, P S; Chakrabarti, S K
2014Unusual behavior of Very Low Frequency signal during the earthquake at Honshu/Japan on 11 March, 2011Sasmal, S; Chakrabarti, S K; Ray, S
2012VLF campaign during the total eclipse of July 22nd, 2009:Observational results and interpretationsChakrabarti, S K; Pal, S; Sasmal, S; Mondal, S K; Ray, S; Basak, T; Maji, S K; Khadka, B; Bhowmick, D; Chowdhury, A K
2012VLF signals in summer and winter in the Indian sub-continent using multi-station campaignsChakrabarti, S K; Mondal, S K; Sasmal, S; Pal, S; Basak, T; Chakrabarti, S; Bhowmick, D; Ray, S; Maji, S K; Nandi, A; Yadav, V K; Kotoch, T B; Khadka, B; Giri, K; Garain, S K; Choudhury, A K; Partra, N N; Iqbal, N
2000X-ray spectral components in the hard state of GRS 1915+105: origin of the 0.5 – 10 Hz QPORao, A R; Naik, S; Vadawale, S V; Chakrabarti, S K
Showing results 20 to 39 of 39
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