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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Magnetic Shape Anisotropy in Chemically Synthesized Chains of Nickel NanoparticlesRana, Bivas; Ganguly, Arnab; Barman, Anjan
2010Magnetization reversal dynamics in clusters of single domain Ni nanoparticlesRana, Bivas; Agrawal, Milan; Pal, Semanti; Barman, Anjan
2011Magnetization reversal dynamics in Co nanowires with competing magnetic anisotropiesPal, Semanti; Saha, Susmita; Polley, Debanjan; Barman, Anjan
2010Magnetization Reversal in Chains and Clusters of Exchange-Coupled Nickel NanoparticlesAgrawal, Milan; Rana, Bivas; Barman, Anjan
2017Magnonic band structure in a Co/Pd stripe domain system investigated by Brillouin light scattering and micromagnetic simulationsBanerjee, Chandrima; Gruszecki, Pawel; Klos, Jaroslaw W; Hellwig, Olav; Krawczyk, Maciej; Barman, Anjan
2011Micromagnetic study of size-dependent picosecond dynamics in single nanomagnetsPal, Semanti; Kumar, Dheeraj; Barman, Anjan
2012Numerical calculation of spin wave dispersions in magnetic nanostructuresKumar, Dheeraj; Dmytriiev, Oleksandr; Ponraj, Sabareesan; Barman, Anjan
2019Observation of angle-dependent mode conversion and mode hopping in 2D annular antidot latticePorwal, Nikita; De, Anulekha; Mondal, Sucheta; Dutta, Koustuv; Choudhury, Samiran; Sinha, Jaivardhan; Barman, Anjan; Datta, P K
2016Oil swollen surfactant gel based synthesis of metal oxides nanoparticles: An attractive alternative for the conventional Sol gel synthesisUpadhyay, Ravi Kant; Pan, Santanu; Barman, Anjan; McLaughlin, James A; Sinha Roy, Susanta
2012Optically Induced Tunable Magnetization Dynamics in Nanoscale Co Antidot LatticesMandal, Ruma; Saha, Susmita; Kumar, Dheeraj; Barman, Saswati; Pal, Semanti; Das, Kaustuv; Raychaudhuri, Arup Kumar; Fukuma, Yasuhiro; Otani, YoshiChika; Barman, Anjan
2015Optical, structural, catalytic and electrochemical properties of the Au nanoparticles synthesized using CTAB based gelsUpadhyay, Ravi Kant; Deshmukh, Sujit; Saha, Susmita; Barman, Anjan; Sinha Roy, Susanta
2016Perpendicular Standing Spin Wave and Magnetic Anisotropic Study on Amorphous FeTaC FilmsSamantaray, B; Singh, Akhilesh Kr; Banerjee, Chandrima; Barman, Anjan; Perumal, A; Mandal, P
2011Phonon heat conduction in AlxGa1−xN filmBarman, Saswati; Ganguly, Arnab; Barman, Anjan
2013Polarizing effect of aligned nanoparticles in terahertz frequency regionPolley, Debanjan; Ganguly, Arnab; Barman, Anjan; Mitra, Rajib Kumar
2017Pseudo-One-Dimensional Magnonic Crystals for High-Frequency Nanoscale DevicesBanerjee, Chandrima; Choudhury, Samiran; Sinha, Jaivardhan; Barman, Anjan
2019Reliability of Magnetoelastic Switching of Nonideal Nanomagnets with Defects: A Case Study for the Viability of Straintronic Logic and MemoryWinters, David; Abeed, Md Ahsanul; Sahoo, Sourav; Barman, Anjan; Bandyopadhyay, Supriyo
2019Role of magnetic anisotropy in the ultrafast magnetization dynamics of Gd-Fe thin films of different thicknessesMondal, Sucheta; Talapatra, Abhishek; Chelvane, J Arout; Mohanty, Jyoti Ranjan; Barman, Anjan
2017Role of the Cr Buffer Layer in the Thickness-Dependent Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics of Co2Fe0.4Mn0.6Si Heusler Alloy Thin FilmsPan, Santanu; Seki, Takeshi; Takanashi, Koki; Barman, Anjan
2016Shape- and Interface-Induced Control of Spin Dynamics of Two- Dimensional Bicomponent Magnonic CrystalsChoudhury, Samiran; Saha, Susmita; Mandal, Ruma; Barman, Saswati; Otani, YoshiChika; Barman, Anjan
2019Shape dependent high frequency spin-wave dynamics in nanoscale magnonic crystalsDe, Anulekha; Mondal, Sucheta; Choudhury, Samiran; Sahoo, Sourav; Majumder, Sudip; Barman, Saswati; Otani, YoshiChika; Barman, Anjan
Showing results 52 to 71 of 90
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