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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Coherent suppression of picosecond magnetization precession in the presence of spin waves in a Ni81Fe19 microstripeBarman, Anjan; Sakata, H; Kimura, T; Otani, Y; Fukuma, Y
2017Collective hydration dynamics in some amino acid solutions: A combined GHz-THz spectroscopic studySamanta, Nirnay; Das Mahanta, Debasish; Choudhury, Samiran; Barman, Anjan; Mitra, Rajib Kumar
2019Contrasting hydration dynamics in DME and DMSO aqueous solutions: A combined optical pump-probe and GHz-THz dielectric relaxation investigationDas Mahanta, Debasish; Islam, Sk Imadul; Choudhury, Samiran; Das, Dipak Kumar; Mitra, Rajib Kumar; Barman, Anjan
2015Controllable terahertz conductivity in single walled carbon nanotube/polymer compositesPolley, Debanjan; Barman, Anjan; Mitra, Rajib Kumar
2018Controlled coexcitation of direct and indirect ultrafast demagnetization in Co/Pd multilayers with large perpendicular magnetic anisotropyPan, Santanu; Hellwig, Olav; Barman, Anjan
2019Controlled evolution of spin waves in unconventional defective honeycomb antidot latticesChoudhury, Samiran; Barman, Saswati; Otani, YoshiChika; Barman, Anjan
2010Controlled propagation of locally excited vortex dynamics in linear nanomagnet arraysBarman, Saswati; Barman, Anjan; Otani, Y
2010Control of magnonic spectra in cobalt nanohole arrays: the effects of density, symmetry and defectsBarman, Anjan
2018Dependence of interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction on layer thicknesses in Ta/Co-Fe-B/TaOx heterostructures from Brillouin light scatteringChaurasiya, Avinash Kumar; Choudhury, Samiran; Sinha, Jaivardhan; Barman, Anjan
2011Detection of Picosecond Magnetization Dynamics of 50 nm Magnetic Dots down to the Single Dot RegimeRana, Bivas; Kumar, Dheeraj; Barman, Saswati; Pal, Semanti; Fukuma, Yasuhiro; Otani, YoshiChika; Barman, Anjan
2018Dielectric relaxation in acetamide + urea deep eutectics and neat molten urea: Origin of time scales via temperature dependent measurements and computer simulationsMukherjee, Kallol; Das, Suman; Tarif, Ejaj; Barman, Anjan; Biswas, Ranjit
2015Dielectric Relaxations of (Acetamide + Electrolyte) Deep Eutectic Solvents in the Frequency Window, 0.2 ≤ ν/GHz ≤ 50: Anion and Cation DependenceMukherjee, Kallol; Das, Anuradha; Choudhury, Samiran; Barman, Anjan; Biswas, Ranjit
2016Direct Observation of Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction from Asymmetric Spin-wave Propagation in W/CoFeB/SiO2 Heterostructures Down to Subnanometer CoFeB ThicknessChaurasiya, Avinash Kumar; Banerjee, Chandrima; Pan, Santanu; Sahoo, Sourav; Choudhury, Samiran; Sinha, Jaivardhan; Barman, Anjan
2010Dynamics of 1-D Chains of Magnetic Vortices in Response to Local and Global ExcitationsBarman, Saswati; Barman, Anjan; Otani, YoshiChika
2017Dynamics of a PEG based non-ionic deep eutectic solvent: Temperature dependenceMukherjee, Kallol; Tarif, Ejaj; Barman, Anjan; Biswas, Ranjit
2011Dynamics of Coupled Vortices in a Pair of Ferromagnetic DisksSugimoto, Satoshi; Fukuma, Yasuhiro; Kasai, Shinya; Kimura, Takashi; Barman, Anjan; Otani, YoshiChika
2019The effect of material defects on resonant spin wave modes in a nanomagnetAbeed, Md Ahsanul; Sahoo, Sourav; Winters, David; Barman, Anjan; Bandyopadhyay, Supriyo
2014Effect of the spin-twist structure on the spin-wave dynamics in Fe55Pt45/Ni80Fe20 exchange coupled bi-layers with varying Ni80Fe20 thicknessPal, Semanti; Barman, Saswati; Hellwig, Olav; Barman, Anjan
2013Effects of antidot shape on the spin wave spectra of two-dimensional Ni80Fe20 antidot latticesMandal, Ruma; Laha, Pinaki; Das, Kaustuv; Saha, Susmita; Barman, Saswati; Raychaudhuri, A K; Barman, Anjan
2017Efficient Modulation of Spin Waves in Two- Dimensional Octagonal Magnonic CrystalChoudhury, Samiran; Barman, Saswati; Otani, Yoshi Chika; Barman, Anjan
Showing results 10 to 29 of 90
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