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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Edge localization of spin waves in antidot multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropyPan, S; Mondal, S; Zelent, M; Szwierz, R; Pal, S; Hellwig, O; Krawczyk, M; Barman, A
2013Effect of hole shape on spin-wave band structure in one-dimensional magnonic antidot waveguideKumar, D; Sabareesan, P; Wang, W; Fangohr, H; Barman, A
2012Effect of magnetization pinning on the spectrum of spin waves in magnonic antidot waveguidesKłos, J W; Kumar, D; Romero-Vivas, J; Fangohr, H; Franchin, M; Krawczyk, M; Barman, A
2012Effect of Sr-doping on multiferroic properties of Bi0.8La0.2Fe0.9Mn0.1O3Ghosh, Anup K; Kevin, H; Chatterjee, B; Dwivedi, G D; Barman, A; Yang, H D; Chatterjee, S
2020Electrodeposited Heusler alloy films with enhanced magneto-optical propertyKarim, M R; Panda, D; Adhikari, A; Sharangi, P; Mandal, P; Ghosh, S; Bedanta, S; Barman, A; Sarkar, I
2017Electrophoretic deposition of plasmonic nanocomposite for the fabrication of dye-sensitized solar cellsBhardwaj, S; Pal, A; Chatterjee, K; Chowdhury, P; Saha, S; Barman, A; Rana, T; Sharma, G D; Biswas, S
2016Evolution of damping in ferromagnetic/nonmagnetic thin film bilayers as a function of nonmagnetic layer thicknessAzzawi, S; Ganguly, A; Tokac¸, M; Rowan-Robinson, R M; Sinha, J; Hindmarch, A T; Barman, A; Atkinson, D
2014Influence of structural changes in a periodic antidot waveguide on the spin-wave spectraKłos, J W; Kumar, D; Krawczyk, M; Barman, A
2014Local control of magnetic damping in ferromagnetic/non-magnetic bilayers by interfacial intermixing induced by focused ion-beam irradiationKing, J A; Ganguly, A; Burn, D M; Pal, S; Sallabank, E A; Hase, T P A; Hindmarch, A T; Barman, A; Atkinson, D
2013Magnetic Nanoparticles: A Subject for Both Fundamental Research and ApplicationsBedanta, S; Barman, A; Kleemann, W; Petracic, O; Seki, T
2014Magnetic Vortex Based Transistor OperationsKumar, D; Barman, S; Barman, A
2012Magnetization Reversal in Chemically Synthesized Hexagonal Cobalt MicroplateletsMahato, B K; Ganguly, A; Rana, B; Barman, A
2013Magnonic Band Engineering by Intrinsic and Extrinsic Mirror Symmetry Breaking in Antidot Spin-Wave WaveguidesKłos, J W; Kumar, D; Krawczyk, M; Barman, A
2014Magnonic band structure, complete bandgap, and collective spin wave excitation in nanoscale two-dimensional magnonic crystalsKumar, D; Kłos, J W; Krawczyk, M; Barman, A
2016Observation of anisotropic energy transfer in magnetically coupled magnetic vortex pairHasegawa, N; Sugimoto, S; Kumar, D; Barman, S; Barman, A; Kondou, K; Otani, Y
2015Optical behaviour of CdS nanorods dispersed in liquid crystalRoy, J S; Pal Majumder, T; Dabrowski, R; Mahato, B K; Barman, A
2014Optically induced spin wave dynamics in [Co/Pd]8 antidot lattices with perpendicular magnetic anisotropyPal, S; Klos, J W; Das, K; Hellwig, O; Gruszecki, P; Krawczyk, M; Barman, A
2013Proposal for a Standard Micromagnetic Problem: Spin Wave Dispersion in a Magnonic WaveguideVenkat, G; Kumar, D; Franchin, M; Dmytriiev, O; Mruczkiewicz, M; Fangohr, H; Barman, A; Krawczyk, M; Prabhakar, A
2019Reconfigurable Spin-Wave Nonreciprocity Induced by Dipolar Interaction in a Coupled Ferromagnetic BilayerGallardo, R A; Schneider, T; Chaurasiya, A K; Oelschlägel, A; Arekapudi, S S P K; Roldán-Molina, A; Hübner, R; Lenz, K; Barman, A; Fassbender, J; Lindner, J; Hellwig, O; Landeros, P
2013Role of codoping on multiferroic properties at room temperature in BiFeO3 ceramicGhosh, Anup K; Dwivedi, G D; Chatterjee, B; Rana, B; Barman, A; Chatterjee, S; Yang, H D
Showing results 5 to 24 of 32
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