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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Alignment, reverse alignment, and wrong sign Yukawa couplings in two Higgs doublet modelsBiswas, Ambalika; Lahiri, Amitabha
2015Anomalous chromomagnetic moment of quarksDutta Choudhury, Ishita; Lahiri, Amitabha
2007Black-Hole No-Hair Theorems for a Positive Cosmological ConstantBhattacharya, Sourav; Lahiri, Amitabha
2017Connections on decorated path space bundlesChatterjee, Saikat; Lahiri, Amitabha; Sengupta, Ambar N
2017Constrained field theories on spherically symmetric spacetimes with horizonsFernandes, Karan; Lahiri, Amitabha
2020Cosmology of Bianchi type-I metric using renormalization group approach for quantum gravityMandal, Rituparna; Gangopadhyay, Sunandan; Lahiri, Amitabha
2018Different types of torsion and their effect on the dynamics of fieldsChakrabarty, Subhasish; Lahiri, Amitabha
2008Effect of a positive cosmological constant on cosmic stringsBhattacharya, Sourav; Lahiri, Amitabha
2020Emergent vortex–electron interaction from dualizationMukherjee, Shantonu; Lahiri, Amitabha
2009Flux dualization in broken SU(2)Chatterjee, Chandrasekhar; Lahiri, Amitabha
2018Gauge transformations for categorical bundlesChatterjee, Saikat; Lahiri, Amitabha; Sengupta, Ambar N
2006Generalized forms and vector fieldsChatterjee, Saikat; Lahiri, Amitabha; Guha, Partha
2019Geometrical contribution to neutrino mass matrixChakrabarty, Subhasish; Lahiri, Amitabha
2020Geometry creates inertiaLahiri, Amitabha
2019Hamiltonian BRST formalism for gauge fields on black hole spacetimesFernandes, Karan; Lahiri, Amitabha
2017The inverse spatial Laplacian of spherically symmetric spacetimesFernandes, Karan; Lahiri, Amitabha
2015Kaluza Ansatz applied to Eddington inspired Born-Infeld gravityFernandes, Karan; Lahiri, Amitabha
2015Masses of physical scalars in two Higgs doublet modelsBiswas, Ambalika; Lahiri, Amitabha
2013Mass function and particle creation in Schwarzschild–de Sitter spacetimeBhattacharya, Sourav; Lahiri, Amitabha
2012Massive spin-2 and spin-1=2 no hair theorems for stationary axisymmetric black holesBhattacharya, Sourav; Lahiri, Amitabha
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